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Twitter Tag Tape Review 6/29/21
What separates the Rise and Fire camp from others is how they finish the event. Normally, most camps finish with a 1v1 portion, but Rise and Fire goes to the next level. Their final period sees four defenders (three DB’s and a linebacker) against three receivers and their quarterback. It’s a much more realistic camp view of what each players skills set is and the competition was fierce.
Darnell Clay already highlighted five of the standouts, and I won’t go over those players here. What I did want to mention is the fact that when Justin Taylor, Kahlil Tate, Isaac Martinez along with any linebacker they teamed up with, it was literally a no fly zone. At one point, I walked up to the group and told them they needed to separate because it was unfair.
After seeing Taylor and Tate, I’m even more convinced that both of them will end up on the defensive side of the ball. As for Martinez, he’s extremely underrated and has a ton of ability. Teams should get on him soon, he’s going to blow up this fall.

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