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                foot factory at Campogalliano, two miles from Modena, on 15.5 acres of land bought by Bugatti Automobili. The building is expected to cost up to £9m with research and development of the car. Stanzani says the extra money will be forthcoming when it is needed. Another £30m, making a total investment of about £142m. Computer controlled workstations will produce the engine and transmission in-house. A decision has not yet been reached on whether the handmade body would be produced at Campogalliano or by a specialist at Bertone, Pininfarina or Scaglietti.”
On 23 November, Borel went to Tecnostile to check out the Cizeta’s progress, in the company of Bruno Paratelli, who was a supplier of the leather interiors for Lamborghini, and Giancarlo Guerra, the battilastra who had shaped some of the most valuable Ferraris, including the extraordinary 250GTO and the 250LM from the early 1960s, when he worked at Carrozzeria Scaglietti. Guerra was more than familiar with the Cizeta project, as he had been commissioned by Claudio Zampolli to sculpt the project in aluminium, with Paratelli working on the interiors. The metal mock-up had already been shaped by Guerra and was in the process of being completed. It was soon shipped to the United States, for a Hollywood-style
ChAPTEr II ⡇ThE MEChANICS OF ThE SOUL razzamatazz of an unveiling in Los Angeles on
5 December 1988.
On 14 December, a special exhibition on the history of Bugatti was inaugurated at the Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia National Automobile Museum in Turin, and as Christmas gifts, the fledgling company of Bugatti Automobili sent to journalists a scale model/ drawing of the new V12 engine. The engineers at Tecnostile must have been
very busy during the past twenty months, for the engine that they had been commissioned to design and prepare, an all-new cutting-edge powertrain, a new V12, cranked into life. For Bugatti Automobili, 15 March 1989 was a red-letter day when an excited, yet tense, line-
up of people gathered around a mass of intricately sculpted metal which would become the heart of a future supercar.
Bugatti started receiving more and more coverage such as this Fall 1988 issue of Le Grandi Automobili. The rather elaborate report had a long, detailed interview with Stanzani. (Kaare Byberg)

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