Page 3 - How to stop ransomware and other advanced attacks with prevention-first security
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Morphisec | 3

                                 WHAT IF YOU COULD GAIN FULL

                                 PROTECTIVE COVERAGE BEFORE AN

                                 ATTACK IS LAUNCHED?

                                 Morphisec takes a prevention-first         needed. It seamlessly integrates with
                                 approach with its Moving Target            Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
                                 Defense solution. Rather than wait-        and Defender Antivirus technology
                                 ing for an attack to happen before         to help organizations decrease risk
                                 identifying and mitigating the threat,     by stopping advanced threats pre-
                                 Morphisec’s powerful Moving                emptively, providing the best secu-
                                 Target Defense technology stops            rity stack available.
                                 an attack first with no remediation

                                 Prevent                      Gain visibility               Optimize
                                 attacks and                  and control                   your

                                 advanced                     View security pos-            resources

                                 threats                      ture in real time and         Reduce costs and
                                                              harden your security
                                 Stop known and               infrastructure with a         manual efforts with an
                                                                                            automated solution.
                                 unknown threats at           powerful and efficient
                                 the earliest stage of        UI.
                                 the attack lifecycle.
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