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HOSPICE                                                          	                                                                  HOME HEALTH                                                PERSONAL CARE LIVING

COBB COUNTY                                                      FULTON COUNTY                                                      COBB COUNTY                                                COBB COUNTY                                              MERRILL GARDENS AT DUNWOODY_________ 404-252-7974 LENBROOK________________________ 404-233-3000
                                                                                                                                                                                               ATHERTON PLACE____________________ 770-421-7300  MONTCLAIR, THE____________________ 404-633-8875 MANN HOUSE, THE___________________ 404-250-9300
AMEDISYS HOSPICE CARE OF KENNESAW____ 770--423-1316              AGAPE HOSPICE CARE, INC____________ 404-763-1456                   CAMELLIA HOME HEALTH AND HOSPICE_____ 678-354-1456         ATRIA JOHNSON FERRY________________ 770-859-0570  MOUNTAIN VIEW PCH_________________ 404-508-7593 MANOR ON THE SQUARE_______________ 770-993-8040
BRISTOL HOSPICE GEORGIA, LLC_________ 770-434-9530               AT HOME HOSPICE OF ALPHARETTA_______ 770-410-9700                  SUNCREST HOME HEALTH_____________ 770-429-1455             ATRIA MABLETON____________________ 770-435-0750 NORTHLAKE GARDENS PCH______________ 770-934-0034 MERRILL GARDENS AT ROSWELL___________ 770-643-9433
CAMELLIA HOME HEALTH AND HOSPICE_____ 678-218-5745               DIVINE HOSPICE CARE_______________ 404-762-6880                    WELLSTAR HOME HEALTH, LLC__________ 770-792-1616           AZALEA MANOR PERSONAL CARE HOME______ 770-428-0331  PEOPLES PERSONAL CARE HOME #3_________ 404-284-2083 RENAISSANCE ON PEACHTREE_____________ 404-841-6163
GENTIVA HOSPICE__________________ 678-581-1115                   DYNAMIC HOSPICE_________________ 404-522-7580                                                                                 BETHEL GARDENS____________________ 770-943-3620  PLANTATION SOUTH OF DUNWOODY________ 770-936-9857 SANDY SPRINGS ASSISTED LIVING__________ 404-255-3534
HERITAGE HOSPICE, INC______________ 770-423-5959                 EMBRACING HOSPICECARE, LLC__ ________ 404-659-0110                 DEKALB COUNTY                                              BICKFORD OF MARIETTA________________ 770-971-0307  SKYLAND TRAIL_____________________ 404-321-2000 SOMERBY OF ALPHARETTA_______________ 770-650-9577
HOMESTEAD HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE__ 678-966-0077             FIRST QUALITY HEALTHCARE HOSPICE SERVICES, INC___ 404-696-4126                                                                DAY BREAK VILLAGE AT KENNESAW_________ 770-218-6155  SUMMERS LANDING TILLY MILL____________ 770-452-9558 SPARKS INN RETIREMENT CENTER__________ 770-703-2667
HOSPICE ADVANTAGE________________ 770-218-1997                   INTERIM HOSPICE__________________ 404-843-2708                     CARE ONE HEALTH SERVICES LLC_________ 404-228-8563         DELMAR GARDENS OF SMYRNA___________ 770-432-4444  SUNRISE OF DECATUR_________________ 404-377-6111 ST IVES MEMORY CARE_________________ 770-476-1777
TAPESTRY HOSPICE_________________ 770-218-6185                   JOURNEY HOSPICE_________________ 404-256-2454                      CENTRAL HOME HEALTH CARE, AN AMEDISYS CO.___770-938-9611
                                                                                                                                    SUNCREST HOME HEALTH_____________ 404-564-0431
TWELVE OAKS HOSPICE, INC____________ 770-992-2386                PRUITTHEALTH HOSPICE_________________ 770-254-8612                                                                            ELMCROFT OF MILFORD CHASE____________ 678-309-1220  WATERFORD GARDENS_________________ 770-350-2393 SUMMERS LANDING NORTHLAND__________ 404-477-3800
PRUITTHEALTH HOSPICE_________________ 770-916-4500               RIGHT AT HOME___________________ 404-522-0029                      FULTON COUNTY                                              EMERITUS AT SPRING MOUNTAIN__________ 770-919-7799  WESLEY WOODS TOWERS PCH____________ 404-728-6600 SUMMERSET ASSISTED LIVING COMM________ 404-691-4545
WELLSTAR COMMUNITY HOSPICE_________ 770-732-6710                 VITAS HEALTHCARE CORPORATION OF GEORGIA___ 404-874-8313                                                                       EMERITUS AT VININGS_________________ 770-435-4477  YELLOW BRICK HOUSE_________________ 770-482-4044 SUNRISE ASSISTED LVG BUCKHEAD_________ 404-261-8700
                                                                 WEINSTEIN HOSPICE: YAD V’LEV_________ 404-352-4308                 CENTRAL HH CARE, AN AMEDISYS COMPANY__ 770-953-8570        GAINES PARK ASSISTED LIVING____________ 770-424-1414                                                           SUNRISE AT HUNTCLIFF SUMMIT___________ 770-649-1499
DEKALB COUNTY                                                                                                                       GENTIVA HEALTH SERVICES____________ 404-367-8211           GARDENS OF MAGNOLIA TRAILS PHASE 4_____ 404-549-4732     FULTON COUNTY                                         SUNRISE AT IVEY RIDGE________________ 770-475-6622
                                                                 GWINNETT COUNTY                                                    GENTIVA HEALTH SERVICES____________ 770-998-1393           GOLDEN ROSE ASSISTED LIVING___________ 770-973-1594                                                            SUNRISE OF JOHNS CREEK______________ 770-814-0505
ASERACARE HOSPICE________________ 770-698-8785                                                                                      GEORGIA HOME HEALTH______________ 770-688-1000             GREENWOOD GARDENS________________ 770-422-7778           ARBOR TERRACE AT CASCADE_____________ 404-691-0304    TAPESTRY HOUSE____________________ 770-649-0808
COMPASSIONATE CARE HOSPICE OF ATLANTA, LLC__ 770-220-2723        AMEDISYS HOSPICE OF LAWRENCEVILLE____ 678-442-7338                 GUARDIAN HOME CARE, LLC___________ 770-664-9272            HEARTHSTONE AT PRESBYTERIAN VILLAGE_____ 770-819-7000    ARBOR TERRACE AT CRABAPPLE___________ 770-649-1009    WELLINGTON COURT AT ST GEORGE VILLAGE____ 678-987-0400
CROSSROADS HOSPICE OF ATLANTA, LLC____ 770-270-9898              EVERCARE HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE___ 770-417-2018               INTERIM HEALTHCARE OF ATLANTA INC_____ 404-843-2708        HERITAGE OF BROOKSTONE______________ 770-423-0080        ATRIA BUCKHEAD____________________ 404-240-2848
GENTIVA HOSPICE__________________ 678-937-1800                   HOSPICE PROFESSIONALS OF METRO ATLANTA_678-514-2174                MEDSIDE HOME HEALTH AGENCY_________ 404-633-7433           HERITAGE OF SANDY PLAINS_____________ 770-973-7303       BELMONT VILLAGE BUCKHEAD____________ 404-252-6271     GWINNETT COUNTY
GUARDIAN HOSPICE OF GEORGIA, LLC_____ 770-458-1624               IMS HOSPICE, INC__________________ 678-754-6339                    VISITING NURSE HEALTH SYSTEM_________ 404-215-6000         MARIETTA LIVING CENTRE_______________ 770-862-2504       BICKFORD OF ALPHARETTA______________ 678-366-7700
HOSPICE ADVANTAGE INC_____________ 770-449-8142                  MESUN________________________ 770-623-2710                                                                                    PARC AT PIEDMONT___________________ 770-565-8828         BICKFORD OF BUCKHEAD_______________ 404-531-0145      ANNANDALE VILLAGE__________________ 770-945-8381
HOSPICE ATLANTA__________________ 404-869-3087                   SERENITY PALLIATIVE AND HOSPICE CARE___ 678-413-2222               GWINNETT COUNTY                                            PEREGRINE’S LANDING AT PEACHTREE CREEK___ 770-999-8888   BRIGHTON GARDENS OF BUCKHEAD_________ 404-846-8335    ARBOR TERRACE AT TUCKER______________ 678-894-7815
                                                                                                                                                                                               PRESBYTERIAN VILLAGE________________ 770-819-7000        CAMPBELL - STONE N APARTMENTS_________ 404-256-2612   ASHTON HALL PERSONAL CARE HOME________ 770-963-4837
LONGLEAF HOSPICE________________ 770-939-9180 PRUITTHEALTH HOSPICE_________________ 404-292-2081                                    AGILITY HOME CARE________________ 678-957-0871                                                                      CANTERBURY COURT__________________ 404-261-6611       BENTON HOUSE OF SUGAR HILL___________ 770-904-0099
PRIVATE HOME CARE                                                                                                                   PEDIATRIC SERVICES OF AMERICA________ 770-263-6373                                                                  CARLTON, THE______________________ 404-843-8857       BRIDGE ASSISTED LVG AT LIFE CARE CTR LWRCVLL_ 678-377-8191
5 STAR HOME CARE LLC_______________404-719-4118                  INTERIM HEALTHCARE OF ATLANTA, INC______404-843-2708               STAFF BUILDERS HOME HEALTH, AN AMEDISYS CO.__678-417-1033
A A-MED-CARE, INC__________________404-522-2448                  INTERMED HOMECARE AGENCY___________770-455-3817                    PRUITTHEALTH HOME HEALTH_____________ 404-297-9924         PROVIDENT VILLAGE_____________________ 678-541-8986      CHAMBREL AT ROSWELL________________ 770-594-4600      BROOKSIDE SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY______ 770-271-2210
A CARING APPROACH TO HOMECARE SERVICES_ 770-396-0996             JEWISH FAMILY & CAREER SERVICES________770-677-9344                                                                           SANCTUARY AT NORTHSTAR, THE___________ 678-574-6941      COHEN HOME, THE___________________ 770-475-8787       COURTYARD GARDENS AL & MEMORY CARE COMMUNITY__ 770-963-9934
A GREAT FRIEND, LLC_________________404-351-3889                 JO JO HOME CARE SERVICES, INC_________770-455-0170                   PLACEMENT D                                              SUNRISE OF EAST COBB________________ 770-509-0919        COUNTRY GARDENS ASSISTED LIVIN_________ 770-969-3130  DELMAR GARDENS OF GWINNETT__________ 770-923-3100
A SUPERIOR CHOICE MEDICAL STAFFING, LLC__404-257-1608            KARING HANDS HEALTH CARE SERVICES, LLC___404-298-0888                   2.375” X                                              WELLINGTON PLACE OF KENNESAW_________ 770-514-9966       DOGWOOD FOREST___________________ 770-350-7833        DISCOVERY VILLAGE AT SUGARLOAF__________ 770-232-3008
ABC HEALTHCARE AND STAFFING__________678-612-2395                KOSTA PRIVATE HOME CARE, LLC__________404-814-3092                         6.375”                                             WINNWOOD RETIREMENT COMMUNITY_______ 770-428-6200        DOGWOOD FOREST OF ALPHARETTA_________ 770-410-9169    EASTSIDE GARDENS___________________ 770-982-8012
ACE HEALTH SERVICES, LLC_____________404-593-3509                L & P MULTICARE SERVICES, INC__________404-799-3315                          $800                                             WOODLAND RIDGE SENIOR LIVING_________ 770-431-7055       ELMCROFT OF ROSWELL________________ 770-650-0555      HOPE PERSONAL CARE HOME & MEMORY CARE CENTER_770-963-4673
ADVANCED CARE PEDIATRICS, INC_________404-835-3512               LIGHTING THE WAY INTERVENTION SERVICES, INC___ 404-549-8623               per issue
ADVANCED CARE SPECIALISTS, INC_________404-467-7780              LIVHOME ATLANTA__________________770-992-5820                                                                                 DEKALB COUNTY                                            EMERITUS AT SANDY SPRINGS____________ 770-650-8200 IVY SPRINGS MANOR__________________ 770-573-9096
ALERE WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S HEALTH, LLC_770-767-8690            LIVING PRIVATE HOME CARE, LLC__________404-684-0448                                                                           ARBOR TERRACE_____________________ 404-292-5910 EMERITUS AT SANDY SPRINGS PLACE________ 770-650-8800 LAKE SPRINGS ASSISTED LIVING AND MEMORY CARE COMMU_ 770-271-0277
ALWAYS CARE NURSING SERVICE__________404-266-8773                MAXIM HEALTHCARE SERVICES, INC________404-325-1393                                                                            BRIGHTON GARDENS OF DUNWOODY________ 770-730-9333 FREEDOM POINTE ROSWELL______________ 770-645-1900 MORNING STARR AT HOLCOMB BRIDGE_______ 770-368-0292
APPLE A DAY HOMECARE, LLC____________770-350-2627                ME AND MY NANNA_________________678-381-1540                                                                                  COTTAGE AT PLANTATION SOUTH, THE________ 770-936-9857 GARDENS OF ROSWELL________________ 770-992-0505 PLANTATION SOUTH PCH OF DULUTH________ 770-623-0617
ASTIN HOME CARE__________________404-444-5836                    MENDERS INC_____________________404-355-4780                                                                                  COVENTRY PLACE____________________ 404-296-0962 GARRISON PERSONAL CARE______________ 770-463-0470 SCEPTER PERSONAL CARE CENTER OF SNELLVILLE_ 770-979-4457
ATLANTA HOME CARE PARTNERS, INC_______404-228-0103               MEON, LLC DBA FIRST LIGHT HOME CARE_____770-602-0500                                                                          EMERITUS AT DECATUR_________________ 404-299-6600 HALLMARK AT BUCKHEAD PERSONAL CARE____ 770-941-7978 SILVERLEAF ALZHEIMER’S CARE OF SNELLVILLE__ 770-978-9595
BLESSING HOME CARE________________404-919-4085                   NATIONAL HOME CARE, INC_____________770-594-4010                                                                              GARDENS OF MAGNOLIA TRAILS PHASE III_____ 678-691-1953 HAMMOND GLEN ASSISTED LIVING_________ 404-256-6300 STONE MOUNTAIN ESTATES ASSISTED LIVING AND MEMORY_ 770-469-8800
BWELL SENIOR CARE, LLC______________404-812-6955                 NATIONAL MENTOR HEALTHCARE, LLC DBA GEORGIA MENTOR__ 470-362-7202                                                             GOLDEN LIVING COMMUNITY - BENTLEY SQUARE_ 770-938-7260 HAPEVILLE MANOR ASSISTED LVG__________ 404-767-5874 SUNRISE ASSISTED LIVING AT FIVE FORKS_____ 770-381-7733
C & C HEALTHCARE SERVICES, INC_________770-577-0404              ONE GROUP LLC, THE_________________404-751-2277                                                                               KING’S BRIDGE RETIREMENT CTR___________ 404-321-0263 HEARTHSTONE ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY___ 770-552-1091 SUNRISE AT WEBB GIN_________________ 770-736-8293
CARE BY YOUR SIDE, LLC______________770-862-8925                 OPEN HEARTS PERSONAL CARE, LLC________678-410-1669                                                                            MEDLOCK GARDENS__________________ 404-370-0460 IVY HALL ASSISTED LIVING______________ 770-814-0114 	
CARE PLUS, INC____________________770-496-1119                   OPTIONS FOR SENIOR AMERICA COR_______404-634-1111
CARE PURPOSE, INC_________________404-860-2102                   PARADISE HEALTHCARE, INC____________770-434-1900                                                                              In Georgia, Davita Provides Dialysis
CARE SERVICES AT HOME, LLC____________404-246-4935               PARTNERSHIP FOR HEALTH HOME HEALTHCARE_ 404-792-9900                                                                          Across the State in over 130 Facilities
CAREGIVING COMPLETE_______________404-399-0480                   PERSONALIZED CARE, LLC______________770-559-7474
CAREMINDERS HOME CARE_____________404-254-2528                   PREVENTIVE CARE SERVICES, INC__________770-319-8201                                                                           •	In-Center Dialysis Care  •	Nocturnal Dialysis Care
CARING FIRST INC HOME CARE___________678-794-9794                PROFESSIONAL REGISTRY FOR THE NORTHSIDE, INC_ 404-233-7119                                                                    •	Home Dialysis with       	 in Some Facilities
CARING HANDS UNITED, INC____________404-873-3888                 QUALITY FIRST HOME CARE_____________770-639-3976                                                                              	 Training &               •	Acute Dialysis Care
CARING NURSING SERVICES, INC__________770-627-4115               REBIRTH HOME CARE SERVICES INC________678-548-5917                                                                            	 24-Hour Support          	 Throughout the State
CENTER FOR PAN-ASIAN COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC_ 770-936-0969       RESCARE HOMECARE_________________770-414-1350
CHILDKIND, INC____________________404-248-1980                   RESCARE, INC_____________________770-908-2481                                                                                 Southern Links is a service to help Dialysis Patients
CHOICE, INC______________________770-452-1684                    RIGHT AT HOME____________________404-522-0029                                                                                 find a temporary or permanent treatment location in
COMFORT KEEPERS #412______________404-303-5113                   SEEN YOUR WAY, LLC_________________404-981-2273
FAITH STAFFING AGENCY, INC____________770-907-7226               SKY ANGEL NURSES, INC_______________404-365-0203                                                                                                 the state of Georgia.
FAMILY CARE SERVICES________________404-349-8844                 SOUTHERN RESOURCES CONSULTANTS INC____770-351-6017
FIRST AMERICAN HOME CARE SERVICES, LLC___404-491-2343            STAY WELL CARE SOLUTIONS, INC_________404-315-6001                                                                            Call Southern Links today 404-929-9389
FIRST QUALITY HEALTHCARE, INC_________404-696-4126               TENDER TOUCH PRIVATE HOME CARE, LLC____678-634-9668
FUNDAMENTAL HEALTH GROUP, LLC DBA BRIGHTSTAR CARE_ 404-856-7610  TRIDENT-CARE HEALTH SERVICES, INC_______678-514-7322                                                                          1-866-475-7757 •
GEORGIA COMMUNITY SUPPORT & SOLUTIONS_ 404-634-4222              TRIMARK HEALTH SERVICES INC__________404-633-1935
HEALTH FORCE_____________________770-458-8500                    TRUSTED SOURCE HOMECARE____________770-690-6477
HELPING HANDS HOME ASSISTANCE, INC_____404-214-9775              UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY OF GEORGIA______770-676-2000
HIGH HAVEN HOME CARE______________404-955-8834                   VAULEET’S HOME CARE AGENCY__________770-865-1509
HOME BASE HEALTHCARE SERVICES________770-846-8496                VFWC HOME CARE__________________404-696-4400
HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE____________770-392-8952                 VISITING ANGELS___________________404-358-5877
HOMECARE ASSISTANCE_______________404-355-9901                   VISITING ANGELS OF ATLANTA___________404-872-3733
HOMEWATCH CAREGIVERS - ATLANTA EAST____404-521-0404              VISITING NURSE HEALTH SYSTEM, INC_______404-222-2414
HOMEWELL SENIOR CARE______________404-474-2480
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