Page 3 - 2020 New Zealand Kubota Spring Catalogue - CE & AG
P. 3

                                        SKID GRADERS
                                                                                                                                                 SKID CUTTERS
                                                                           POWERED RAKES

      03 / CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT  SVL SERIES   SKID AUGER DRIVES          TRENCHERS  space and unique front-sliding door  Operator comfort with the largest cab    due to high flow  from road profilers to tree mulchers    Operate various CE attachments    ANGLING BROOMS  self-levelling function  Lift heavy loads with vertical lift and    or 96.4HP for SVL95-2s  Kubota engine, 74.3HP for the SVL75-2    Powered with a clean-burning Tier 4 Final   SVL75-2 AND SVL95-2S  kubot
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