Page 9 - Aftercare Orientation Manual
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What Can I Do to Make the Transition to Aftercare Easier?
As you approach graduation, it is helpful to have discussions with your DBT program group facilitator and individual therapist about what the transition from DBT program group to aftercare will look like for you personally. This can help you answer some of the questions or concerns you may have that this packet does not address.
If you continue to have questions or would like more information about the transition, you can ask your facilitator to arrange a meeting with an aftercare therapist. This will provide an opportunity for you to discuss what aftercare looks like with the person that will be working with you, as well as address any questions that have not been answered by your facilitator or this packet.
Many people find it helpful to begin using the Aftercare diary card (example provided on pages 7 and 8 in this packet) while still in the DBT program group. This can help orient you to the aftercare diary card and feel more prepared to report on it when you transition into aftercare.
In preparing for graduation, it will be helpful to think about how aftercare can help you continue to work towards your goals. The goals for aftercare are similar to the goals set for your previous DBT program group with some slight differences: rather than skill focused objectives, they are oriented to help you reach long term Vision of Recovery goals.
Congratulations on your graduation, and welcome to aftercare!

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