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 Mr. Tim Hayes
Chief Executive
cilT in Focus
Tim is responsible for the day to day management and the delivery of services of the Institute in Ireland. He is also involved in the development of the Institute. Tim has been a member of the Institute for 30 years and has previously held senior management positions in the transport and tourism industries. Tim holds a BE, M.Eng.Sc. and MBA degrees and has lectured in management.
Mr. Pat Treacy
Deputy CEO
Pat is deputy CEO of CILT. He is responsible for the co-ordination and development of education services provided by the Institute including the CILT Diploma and state examinations (CPC,DGSA and ADR). He is the point of contact for the H.S.A. and DTTS.
Ms. Ruth Lanigan
Business Development Executive
Ruth is responsible for the Marketing and business activities of the Institute. She deals with all the advertising and the promotion of events, as well as the editing of our Linkline magazine. Ruth will be in regular contact with our members through email and all of our social media platforms.
Ms. Julia Olan
Finance Administration Manager
Julia is responsible for  nancial management reporting and budget analysis for CILT. She also provides administration and membership support services.
Ms. Amy Kelly
Accounts Executive
Amy keeps our CILT International accounts in order. She deals with monthly reports and student certi cates as well as issuing invoices and processing payments. Amy also looks after banking for CILT.
Ms. Pauline Lacey & Ms. Imelda Brown
Examination & Training Administrators
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Pauline and Imelda are the  rst points of contact for our members and support our member activities. They also look after the administration of the CILTI education courses and the state examinations.
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