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 CILTI recognises the important role of education as the key to increased professionalism within the logistics, transport and supply chain industries. Its suite of education and training courses include the following:
 Certificate in Logistics
(CD-ROM Distance Learning Programme)
This is a distance-learning course delivered by means of an interactive CD-ROM and supplementary manual.
Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
A two-year programme delivered through tutorials. The course reflects the need for cooperation between academics and practitioners in the field of logistics and supply chain management. It combines academic theory with practice
so that it develops the participant’s logistics/supply
chain management competencies, which can, in turn, be transferred to the workplace. On successful completion
of their first year, students are awarded an Advanced Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
– and receive their Diploma at the end of year two.
Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)
CILTI is the examining body appointed by the Department of Transport for the Certificate of Professional Competence examinations in both Road Transport Operations and
Bus Passenger Transport Operations Management. Courses are held in over 20 centres throughout Ireland. CILTI has also been appointed by the Department
of Transport to issue Certificates of Professional Competence in road transport operations management and road passenger operations management.
Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)
CILTI is the examining agent in Ireland appointed by
the Health and Safety Authority and the Railway Safety Commission for the DGSA examination – both road and rail.
Dangerous Goods Driver (ADR)
CILTI is the examining agent in Ireland appointed by the Health and Safety Authority for the certification of drivers carrying dangerous substances by road. (ADR Driver training certificate examination).
Specialised Training Programmes
CILTI provides regular programmes of relevant, practical and informative seminars and training courses, which are designed to give both individuals and companies within the area of supply chain and transport the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge and skills. These programmes are delivered both in-house and at various locations throughout the country.
There are seven grades of membership available to those engaged in or wishing to study logistics and transport to enhance their professionalism.
Chartered Fellow
This is the most senior professional grade of the Institute. It is open to chartered members who have at least
seven years’ experience in a position or positions of
high responsibility in the management of logistics or transport. Election to fellowship may also be granted
by the Council in the case of individuals of undoubted eminence in the logistics & transport industry, or to existing members who have given outstanding service or support to the Institute and its aims. Chartered fellows are allowed to use the letters FCILT after their name.
Chartered Member
Chartered membership is open to those individuals who hold the CILTI Diploma or an equivalent or higher qualification and who have at least five years relevant experience in logistics and/or transport, including
two years at a senior level. Chartered members are allowed to use the letters CMILT after their name.
The grade of member is open to those who have at least three years relevant experience and qualifications but who do not yet qualify for chartered status. Members are allowed to use the letters MILT after their name.
For those without the relevant qualifications and experience who wish to participate in the affairs of CILTI.
For those without the relevant qualifications and experience who wish to participate in the affairs of the Institute and receive a yearly updated copy of the CPC manual.
Student Membership
Must satisfy certain educational requirements.
Company Membership
The grade of company membership is for companies that wish to support the aims of CILTI and want their staff
to benefit from the networking, education and training opportunities that membership brings. It is important to note that corporate associates do not have voting rights. In addition, company membership cannot include
those people in an organisation who already hold
the individual membership of FCILT, CMILT or MILT. They are individual members who have earned that qualification through their experience and knowledge.
For more information please contact: Ruth Lanigan on tel: (01) 6763188 or email:
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