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    Operator Licence Awareness Training
        Roadworthiness enforcement is changing – don’t risk the penalties of being left in the dark
If you own, drive or operate commercial goods or passenger vehicles, you will be affected by the Road Safety Authority (CommercialVehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012.This legislation is currently being implemented and will have implications on your current working procedures.
FTA Ireland’s one day training course is designed to provide your managers and of ce supervisors with the knowledge they need to ensure your operation’s legal compliance.
• Keep up-to-date with changing legislation
• Understand the chain of responsibility and where you  t in it
• Make more informed operational decisions for your business
• Promote excellence within your workforce and to your clients
• Become FTA Ireland certi ed
Contact us today for our full range of training courses, including Driver CPC, and information on commercial vehicle roadworthiness support, tachograph analysis and compliance, membership and much more.
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