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In April 2002, The Health and Safety Authority became the competent authority for administering the examinations for the ADR Driver Training Certificate, required by drivers
who transport dangerous goods by road, for all ADR Classes except Class 1 and 7. In April 2007 the Health and Safety Authority appointed the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport as the examining agent for the ADR Driver training certificate examinations. For Class 1 (Explosives) and Class
7 (Radioactive) dangerous goods, the competent authorities for examinations are the Minister for Justice and Law Reform respectively.
How to apply for adr driver Training course
Candidates for an ADR Driver Training Certificate should contact an Approved Training Course Provider and arrange to attend either a Basic and/or a Tanker Specialisation Course before applying to sit an examination. Upon satisfactory completion of a course the Training Provider will give course attendees a combined exam application/ declaration of attendance form.
How to apply for adr driver examination/exam charges
Applications Forms and examination fees to sit an examination must be submitted to:
The ADR Exam Administration Unit,
The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, 1 Fitzwilliam Place,
Dublin 2
Candidates should indicate their first, second and third choice of venue and date. The completed application forms together with a signed photograph and appropriate fee for the examination (Cheques, Postal Orders and Credit/Debit Cards). Payment should be made payable to “The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport”. Completed application forms with signed photograph and the appropriate fee must be received by the CILT ADR Exam Administration Unit at
noti cation of exams / exam results to candidates
least ten working days prior to the exam applied for.
The competent authority details for exams for Classes 1 and 7 are as follows:
 class 1
Competent Authority
Department of Justice,
Equality & Law Reform
Contact Names: Joe Coates, Colm Farrell
Contact Details: Tel: (01) 602 8267 | (01) 602 8273 Email: |
 class 7
Competent Authority
Radiological Protection
Institute of Ireland
Contact Names Jarlath Duffy
Contact Details: Tel: (01) 2697766
Email: |
Exam Type
Initial Basic or Initial Specialisation (Tanker) Refresher Basic or Refresher Specialisation (Tanker)
 application Fee
Check for updated 2016 fees
Exam Type
Where a candidate sits both the Basic and Specialisation papers on the same day. application Fee
Check for updated 2016 fees
  Following an application, candidates will be notified by post of the venue, date and time when they should present themselves for examination. Candidates should bring their notification letter to the exam together with photographic identification (e.g. driving licence/passport). A candidate who fails an examination will receive a written notification by post indicating the areas that need to be addressed, together with instructions for arranging a repeat exam. Candidates who achieve a passing grade will have their certificates issued to them by post in due course (within ten working days). Exam results will not be given out by phone.
exam Format
Each examination paper consists of 36 multiple choice questions (English language only). Each examination paper is divided into three sections A, B and C and the Candidate is required to achieve a minimum of eight correct answers in each section for a pass.
Candidates taking both the basic and tanker (Specialisation) papers at one sitting are deemed to have failed the exam if they do not achieve a passing grade in the basic paper.
appeals procedure
A candidate who fails to achieve the required minimum mark (in each section A,B,& C of the examination paper) to pass the examination is sent a written notification by post indicating the areas that need to be addressed and stating the number of incorrect answers on their examination answer sheet.
A candidate may, if he/she wishes, appeal the count on their answer sheet. In this event the answer book will be sent to a designated member of the ADR Policy Unit in the HSA for a recount and the candidate will be notified of the result.
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