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                                                                     Jurying the 93rd annual SAALM
                                                                     exhibition was like sitting on a train

                                                                     and watching the Texas landscape roll
                                                                     past my view—altogether, it was a wide
                                                                     swathe of artists and perspectives, a
                                                                     window onto a certain time and place,

                                                                     and a lovely, broad field of human

                                                                     Choosing artworks is also fraught

                                                                     with difficulty. Of course the options
                                                                     were filtered through my particular
               eye and experiences, my humor and sympathies. However, I tried not to simply
               let my taste dictate, but respect when a hyperrealist painter did something slightly

               uncanny, a multi-media artist built a refreshingly unique image, or when a work just
               felt inexplicably resolved. Sometimes a concept rose to the surface, or a gorgeous
               subtlety settled like a mist. I applaud everyone who entered for putting something
               new into the world, and sometimes I wanted to send encouragement to an artist on

               their path.

               I greatly respect the work that everyone involved with SAALM does and their
               commitment to artists and their expressed love for material processes. Together,

               these members donate their energies and maintain a space for exhibitions, and they
               are building a legacy collection for Texas. Thank you all for bringing me into your
               world for a bit.

                                                                     Catherine Walworth. Ph. D.

                                                                     March 2023

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