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We are a school of transformation, opportunity, and exploration. Our innovative and rigorous curriculum provides broad exposure in all disciplines and presents students with opportunities to explore and develop their areas of interest. Designed to go beyond the traditional classroom and give students real, hands-on, unmatched experiences, our academic programming cultivates curiosity and exploration from age three to graduation. Your philanthropic investment and support of our school allows us to continue to expand these exceptional academic programs and the experiences of our students and faculty.
Creative Curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning for our PK and JK students. Students in JK took a trip around the world using Google Earth, exploring important landmarks and creating buildings of their
own, while PK students studied the process of metamorphosis during Science en EspaƱol. As part of their lesson, they created a habitat for Painted Lady and Monarch caterpillars and used magnifying glasses to watch them build their cocoons and become chrysalis. Together, students released four of the seven butterflies and watched as they explored their new environment.
   2020 - 21 Report of Appreciation

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