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Board Of Trustees
Vincent Signorello P ‘21
Vice Chair
Scott Davidson ‘86 P ‘20
Ann Olazabal P ‘21 ‘23
Stephanie Burke P ‘23 ‘24 ‘28
Gustavo Antorcha ‘92 P ‘22 ‘23 ‘25 Darlene Boytell-Pérez P ‘22
Vivian De las Cuevas-Diaz P ‘26 Thomas Garfinkel P ‘22 ‘24 ‘27 Adriana Grineberg P ‘26 ‘32
Joe Hassan ‘85 P ‘16 ‘17 ‘19 ‘21 Dr. Narendra Kini P ‘22 Michael Komaransky P ‘26 ‘29 Jackie Mansfield P ‘24 ‘25 ‘25 Brad Meltzer P ‘25
Alfonso Munk P ‘25 ‘27
Zeinab Ramos P ‘21 ‘21 ‘21 Michalis Stavrinides P ‘21 ‘22 ‘24 Kara Stearns Sharp ‘85 P ‘22 Tom Thornton P ‘25 ‘26 ‘29 Jonathan Vilma P ‘28
Jocelyn F. Woolworth P ‘19
Dear Gulliver Prep Community,
We hope you enjoy this year’s Report of Appreciation, formerly the Year in Review. We chose to shift the tone and name of this publication to better reflect the gratitude
and appreciation we have for our community. Within these pages you will find a celebration of our successes in the classroom, on stage, on the courts and fields, and thanks to those who made them possible.
As we reflect on the 2020-21 school year,
one word comes to mind: together. Together, this year, we accomplished so much. As a community, we were able to return to in- person learning and provide a hybrid virtual learning environment for students to continue to thrive, our student-athletes were able to compete and win championships, and our Parents’ Association honored and supported our amazing faculty and staff. We advanced The Gulliver Fund, completed infrastructure improvements on our campuses, and broke ground on a transformative building, the Center for Student Life. Our future is bright, and we cannot wait to see how it unfolds in the years to come.
On behalf of our Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and students - thank you for your Unparalleled commitment and dedication to our school.
Cliff Kling P ‘23 ‘26 Vincent Signorello P ‘21
President Chair, Board of Trustees
  2020 - 21 Report of Appreciation

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