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Administration and Principals President
Cliff Kling P ‘23 ‘26
Head of School
Frank Steel
Vice President for Institutional Advancement Melissa Perkins
Chief Operating Officer
Charlie Rue
Assistant Head of School
& Upper School Principal Jonathan Schoenwald P ‘22 ‘24 ‘26
Chief Technology Officer
Alex Rodriguez
Chief People Officer
Michele Seid P ‘33
Director of Athletics & Physical Education Ira Childress P ‘35
 Director of Enrollment Management
Elena Castellanos P ‘18
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Don Lawrence
Director of Curriculum Assessment & Support Services
Dr. Ana M. Pazos P ‘14 ‘17
Primary & Lower School Principal
Rachel Griffin
Middle School Principal
Elizabeth M. Scott P ‘33
Middle School Montgomery Campus Principal
Donna Fong-Yee
Upper School Miller Campus Principal Melissa T. Sullivan
OUR LEADERSHIP Gulliver Prep - 01

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