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 At Gulliver Prep, our students become inspirational thinkers, catalysts of change, and leaders who are committed to making the world a better place. Even through a pandemic when in-person opportunities were limited, our faculty, staff, students, and alumni remained focused on being of service to others. Thanks to everyone being willing to go the extra mile, we were able to support local and global communities in various ways.
During the height of the pandemic, Fare to Remember, a catering company owned by Sarah Davidoff ‘88 P ‘25, provided food to busy frontline workers at Jackson South. Once Sarah and her team learned about the process and time it took hospital staff to take off all their protective gear and clean up so they could
run to get something to eat, they were set on finding a solution. Fare to Remember began delivering food straight to their floors, allowing workers to eat comfortably without having to rush to the cafeteria.
Jordan Schmidt ‘21 spent the summer of 2020 printing 3D face shields for healthcare workers and locals in need of extra protection as part of his empathy project. At home, Jordan used his
3D-printer to create hundreds of shields to donate them to the Moonlighter Makerspace, a digital fabrication lab based in Wynwood, who assembled and distributed the face shields throughout South Florida.
Middle School students took part in a Stall Catchers Catchathon, a citizen science game aimed at accelerating Alzheimer’s research.
The program is based on crowd-sourcing; in other words, ways to get a crowd to answer a question and come up with a solution. In this case, the question is, “how do we help scientists advance their research regarding finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?” Students joined their peers from around the world to look at actual blood flow on the brains of mice, and mark where blood stalls are present.
Leaders of the Upper School’s Recycle/Refurbish Program sent a set of laptops to Peru and donated additional laptops for efforts to help underserved students with standardized test prep skills.
Cole Potamkin ‘15 created a campaign to raise money for healthcare professionals on the frontline. He launched “Fuel Our Heroes Miami”
in partnership with Mount Sinai Medical Center to help provide protective equipment, groceries, and gas cards for healthcare staff who were in need of support.
 2020 - 21 Report of Appreciation

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