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Vol. 62, No. 23
                                                                                                                                    June 12, 2015

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Dailey to bring Soldiers to Washington to ‘own’ SHARP problem, solution

By C. Todd Lopez
Army News Service

   WASHINGTON — Since the Army                                                                                                                                                                                                            SPC. JOE DEES
first began its effort to eliminate sexu-    Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel Dailey will soon kick off a new program, “Not in My Squad, Not in Our Army,” that will offer Soldiers an opportunity to
al assault in the ranks, the agenda, the    take ownership of both the problem of sexual assault in the ranks, as well as the solution.
training, and the delivery has been driv-
en by Army senior leadership. Junior        around the Army, from different divi-       During the solarium’s events, captains      And if you want something to happen
Soldiers will soon be given an opportu-     sions, corps, and theaters. Guiding dis-    are placed in groups and are assigned       from the lowest level up, it requires lead-
nity to provide input as well.              cussion will be SHARP experts and per-      various problems that face the Army to-     ership at the first-line leader. They have
                                            sonnel from the Army’s G-1. But it will     day, and they work together to develop      the clearest understanding of the issues,
   Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel Dai-        be Soldiers themselves who are finding       possible solutions to those problems.       the challenges associated with what our
ley will soon kick off a new program,       the solutions, and who will make recom-     Afterward, the captains brief the Army’s    Soldiers are facing every day, the stress-
“Not in My Squad, Not in Our Army,”         mendations to Army leadership about         chief of staff on their proposed solution.  ors of life of being a young Soldier and
that will offer Soldiers at the lowest      those solutions.                                                                        young Family member throughout our
levels in the Army an opportunity to                                                       “I am excited to see what our cre-       force. I think they are well postured to
take ownership of both the problem of          “We will present them with problems,     ative young leaders will come up with       inform us on those challenges.”
sexual assault in the ranks, as well as     challenges associated with sexual as-       and what their approach will be to get at
the solution.                               sault, and they will engage with our civil  this problem,” Dailey said. “And I think       No time or date has yet been set for
                                            leaders here, and then brief me and the     we have to be brave enough to insti-        when Soldiers will come to Washing-
   Part of that initiative will bring Sol-  chief of staff of the Army and the vice     tute some of the recommendations they       ton, D.C., to participate in the event, nor
diers from around the force — leaders at    chief of staff of the Army on how they      come up with.”                              have the Soldiers who will participate
team and squad level — to Washington,       are going to build this concept of taking                                               been identified.
D.C., to meet with Army leaders and         this back to the force,” Dailey said. “For     Soldiers participating in this “Not
experts within the Army’s sexual harass-    them to truly embrace this concept, to      in My Squad, Not in Our Army” event            Additionally, Dailey said, the “Not
ment/assault response and prevention, or    truly embrace this initiative, they have    will also tackle challenges regarding the   in My Squad, Not in Our Army” initia-
SHARP, program and G-1, to wargame          to be empowered, and they have to feel      Army profession in addition to the prob-    tive is broader than just one event and
their own solutions to sexual assault that  like it’s their initiative.”                lems involving sexual assault.              one topic. The broader effort is meant to
they feel might better resonate with the                                                                                            highlight the critical role the non-com-
Soldiers they lead worldwide.                  Dailey’s concept is similar to what the     “We have done a lot of work to com-      missioned officer corps plays in leading
                                            Army began doing last year with cap-        municate the Army profession across         and sustaining a values-based organiza-
   Dailey said the idea is “a bottom-up     tains during what it calls a “solarium.”    our force,” he said. “If you want some-     tion such as the Army.
approach to sexual assault and sexual                                                   thing to happen, it requires leadership.
harassment prevention. But not only
that, it’s also about everything in regard
to the Army profession, and getting our
subordinate leaders, those first line-level
leaders who have direct influence over
their Soldiers every day, to take owner-
ship of this problem — sexual assault.”

   Dailey said he is confident that Sol-
diers know what the Army’s stance is on
sexual assault. But he said he has heard
from Soldiers that he has talked to that
they feel the delivery of the message
could be done better. That is why, he
said, he feels it would be better to have
Soldiers themselves develop a solution.

   “We don’t want to design this,” Dai-
ley said. “We want those small unit-lev-
el leaders to design this.”

   Included will be staff sergeants from
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