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   Luke reinforces TFI with DoD-level maintenance award

             by master Sgt.                                                                                        constant excellence, the constant vigilance,
           LouiS VeGA JR.                                                                                          and the constant performance that your two
                                                                                                                   teams combine to do.”
          944th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
                                                                                                                     In the collective efforts to write the main-
     Total Force Integration across the U.S.                                                                       tenance award package for consideration,
   Air Force continues to prove its effective-                                                                     Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Abney, 944th
   ness as active-duty and Reserve Citizen                                                                         Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Tactical
   Airmen successfully demonstrate its                                                                             Aircraft Maintenance section chief, and a
   potential.                                                                                                      small team of Reserve and active-duty TFI
     The 56th and 944th Fighter  Wings’                                                                            partners worked together to prepare the
   maintenance groups, referred to as the                                                                          package.
   1K Maintenance Group at Luke Air Force                                                                            “The 56th could have sent in a package by
   Base, will be recipients of the 2020 Secre-                                                                     themselves,” said Abney. “We chose to do it
   tary of Defense Field-level Maintenance                                                                         as a TFI. So winning is even bigger because
   Award in the large category. The informa-                                                                       it shows how much of a force we are.”
   tion was officially confirmed in a Depart-                                                                        Maintenance teams throughout the
   ment of Defense news release posted Nov.                                                                        world, in all services, competed and a total
   19, 2020.                                                                                                       of six field-level Secretary of Defense Main-
     “This is the best TFI organization I have                                                                     tenance award recipients were selected
   ever had the privilege to be a part of,” said                                                                   in three categories — large, medium, and
   Brig. Gen. Gregory Kreuder, 56th FW com-                                                                        small. The best of the best will be selected
   mander, during a conference call with the                                                                       from the six field-level award winners and
   Honorable Barbara M. Barrett, Secretary                                                                         presented the Phoenix Trophy. All awards
   of the Air Force, as she congratulated the                                                                      were presented Jan. 13 at the Pentagon in
   team. “I would offer up the 944th and 56th                                                                      Washington D.C.
                                                                                                                     “This is a rare and commendable accom-
                                                                                                    Capt. Monique Roux   plishment,” said Col. Jim Greenwald, 944th
                                         Leadership from the 56th and 944th Fighter Wing’s along with Airmen from the 1K   FW commander. My hat’s off to the entire
                                         Maintenance Group, participate in a conference call with the Honorable Barbara M.   1K maintenance team. For our team to rise
                                         Barrett, Secretary of the Air Force, Nov. 11, 2020, as she congratulated the team for   to the level that they beat out the other
                                         winning the 2020 Secretary of Defense Field-level Maintenance Award in the large   services — the Army, the Navy, the Marine
                                         category at Luke Air Force Base.                                          Corps — that is an incredible accomplish-
                                                                                                                   ment. To have the Secretary of the Air Force
                                        as a template for others that want to know   versity and is honorary commander alumni   call us to say congratulations is something I
                                        what ‘right’ looks like. I couldn’t be more   at Luke.                     have never experienced. This is a testament
                                        proud of the 1K maintenance team and it’s   “I guess that when you add it up, you’re   to the strengths of TFI.
                                        a real honor for them to get the recognition   ‘batting a thousand,’” said Barrett referring   Total Force Integration, which was
                                        at this level.”                       to the 1K MXG title. “I am proud of my past   launched in the late 1990s, refers to a
                                          Barrett is serving as the 25th Secretary   association and I am thrilled to know the   blending of active, Guard, and Reserve
                                        of the Air Force and is an instrument-rated   recognition is coming your way from the   personnel and equipment to gain efficiency
     Graphic illustration by Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Abney   pilot trained and certified for space flight.   full department. To be the recipient of this   and effectiveness in support of the overall
   1K Maintenance Group patch.          She earned degrees at Arizona State Uni-  award is really a great statement of the   Air Force mission.

   DISA director touts benefits

   of cloud computing, telework

                   by                   missions, while maximizing remote work.”
            DAViD VeRGuN                  Over the last 10 months, DISA has been
                                        working on “cloud-based internet isolation,”
                 DoD News
                                        an initiative which pairs industry-leading
     The Defense Information Systems Agency   technologies with a rapid-acquisition strategy,
   and Joint Force Headquarters Department   she said.
   of Defense Information Network serve on    “CBII is proving to be a game-changing
   the department’s digital frontlines in cyber   solution in our ability to protect department
   and information technology at all levels of   networks against web browser-based threats,
   classification.                      making them more secure from the office or
     Some 19,000 people around the world work   from home,” Norton said.
   in that agency to ensure secure and seamless   It essentially creates a video stream of the                                              Courtesy photo
   communications for the warfighters.  browser, she explained. Malicious activities are   Navy Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton, Defense Information Systems Agency director,
     “The safety of our employees is forefront in   isolated to the cloud, where they can more eas-  speaks at an AFCEA virtual luncheon, Jan. 7.
   all of our decisions,” Navy Vice Adm. Nancy   ily be contained and eliminated, rather than on
   A. Norton, DISA director, said at an AFCEA   personal computers and DoD networks. CBII   ments in its remote work capabilities. There   telework using their personal equipment.
   virtual luncheon Jan. 7.             also reduces bandwidth requirements through   are a number of tools available to the work-  “I don’t think it’s just DoD, I think the world
     “Our primary goal is to preserve and pro-  the very busy virtual private networks, or VPN.  force that support team collaboration spaces   has probably recognized the value of telework
   tect the ability of our workforce to conduct   VPNs were really put to the test in 2020,   conferencing and file sharing, Norton noted.  and the ease at which we can telework,” she
   mission central operations that we support   she said. In response to the pandemic, the   The COVID-19 emergency drove us to en-  said. “And, as I said, we haven’t just survived
   on national defense and current worldwide   “joint regional security stacks remote access   hance our telework tools for our workforce,   through the pandemic, we have thrived. So
   military missions,” she said. “We have not   virtual private network” enabled a more than   she said. Many service members, civilians   we have learned how to work with our
   just survived through COVID-19, we have   1,000% increase in telework connections for   and contractors didn’t have government-  workforce and trust our workforce in ways
   thrived. From the beginning of (the) pandem-  joint mission partners around the globe.   furnished equipment, so they relied on   that we never did before. And I think this
   ic, our workforce has enabled the Defense   Fortunately, over the past few years, the   commercial virtual remote, or CVR, using   is something that, across the DoD, is going
   Department to accomplish its high-stakes   department has made significant invest-  Microsoft Teams that enabled them to   to continue.”
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