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          An early photo of                                           on the cover
          Cinnaire President
          and CEO Mark                                                THREE DECADES OF SERVICE:
          McDaniel working                                            CINNAIRE CONTINUES ITS LEGACY
          from a card table.
                                                                      OF INVESTING IN PEOPLE AND

                                                                      DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

                                                                      08  Retaining Talent and Fostering Diversity:
                                                                          Effective Strategies for Workplace Success

                                                                      ATHENA WIN
                                                                      11  Michigan Premier Events: Empowering
                                                                          Women Through Leadership and Support

                                                                      FOCUS ON TALENT

                                                                      12  Study Shows Naturalization Trends in Key
                                                                          States, Urges Quick Citizenship Applications for
                                                                          2024 Vote
          14                                                          13  Automotive and Insurance Industries Highlight

                                                                          Leadership Lansing March Program
                                                                  Cinnaire  CHAMBER NEWS

                                                                      19  Get to Know Hannah Kilbride:
                                                                          LRCC’s New Public Affairs Intern
          monthly features
          05  Message from the Chamber
                                                                      22  Lansing City Council Approves Transformation
          06  Thank You Renewing Members                                  Housing Projects in Downtown
          06  Chamber Milestones                                      23  Lansing Labor and Business Unite to Endorse
          06  Welcome New Members                                         Lansing City Charter Commission Slate

          07  Calendar of Events
          21   Chamber in Action
          24  Members on the Move

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