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        Lansing Regional Chamber Restructures Membership Team


        THE   LANSING  REGIONAL  CHAMBER    OF                             five years of experience as a business development manager for the LRCC. Her
        COMMERCE (LRCC)  is proud to support this                          volunteer work in the community makes her a strong brand ambassador for the
        region’s businesses navigating the COVID-19                        LRCC and the Greater Lansing region.
        pandemic.  We have worked side-by-side with
        companies to secure funding, access PPE                            Michelle Rahl will continue in her role as vice president of member engagement,
        resources, find workers, and so much more. If                      providing the daily and long-term strategies for business development and
        you have ever wondered why a company needs                         investor retention. She will also continue her role as the liaison for our top-tier
        its local chamber of commerce, I believe the                       investors.
        answer has repeatedly shown itself during this
        crisis.                                                            We are so excited about these changes and know it will significantly benefit our
                                                                           investors as we work through the challenges and opportunities that remain. As
        We have restructured the LRCC membership                           always, please let us know how we can be of any assistance. We are happy to help.
        team  to maintain a  high  level  of customer
        service and member engagement.  We are   Rahl                      Things may be a little different, but we are still providing you opportunities
        pleased Marcy Rzepka and Daniel Rials will                         to connect, grow, and thrive! If you have any questions about the
        now focus solely on our renewing investors, which will allow them to utilize their   LRCC membership team restructure, please contact Michelle Rahl at
        skill sets and focus on providing unique and impactful business solutions for our n
        current members.

        Christine Zarkovich will leverage her natural networking abilities to identify,
        connect, and engage new businesses as LRCC members. Christine has over

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