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        Lansing Regional Chamber of                                          Making Decisions in a Crisis

        Commerce Board of Directors                                          BY: ELAINE HARDY, MARTIN LUTHER KING COMMISSION OF

        Statement on Social Justice                                          MID-MICHIGAN

                                                                             WE WATCHED THE HORRIFIC AND SENSELESS MURDER
        THE LANSING REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE has issued the following    of George Floyd and the ensuing outcry for justice
        statement regarding the social unrest in our community and across the country:  from communities across the nation. As businesses,
                                                                             organizations,  and  individuals,  we  must  be  certain
         “While the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) works to     that our response to these events is not merely
          get business operational post-COVID-19, we must pause to recognize   performative but hold us accountable, be meaningful,
         that, at this very moment, we are nowhere near “business as usual” in the   and actionable. We must be willing as business leaders
                               state of our country.                         to have the hard-uncomfortable conversations about
                                                                             race and the inequities that plague so many of our
          People across the nation are rallying for social justice and change—and   institutions. We must be committed to dismantling  Hardy
          we hear you. We stand against racism, inequality, and discrimination of   the systemic structures within our organizations and
                                    any kind.                                society that leaves far too many people behind.

           It is time for a change. We must confront the uncomfortable truth of   Transformational events often create uncertainties that can impugn growth
         systemic inequality in our nation. Together, we can step up as leaders and   and further entrench our old way of doing business. But they can also be
                          work toward an equitable future.                   exactly what we name them. They can create opportunities for business
                                                                             transformation. Transform ways in which they do business and transform
          Please reach out to our partners in our communities of color and offer   the way we invest in our most valuable capital- our people.
                          your assistance and support.” n
                                                                             In times of crisis business leaders and executives, we must offer more than
                                                                             words to our teams, but to lead diverse, inclusive organizations, we must speak.
                     PLEASE REACH OUT TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS                 We must denounce racism, injustice, and discrimination in all forms and create
               Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission of Mid-Michigan:       environments where individuals can bring their whole selves to work.
                                                                             Now is the opportunity to act, research has shown when employees
                      lack Business Alliance of Greater Lansing:
                           feel included, have a voice in their organization and are affirmed, their
                                                                             productivity increases. Imagine what could happen if we all committed
                   Greater Lansing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:             to lead fully inclusive organizations. Vowing to have all voices heard and
                                      daring to becoming truly anti-racist organizations. n

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