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 In 2019, BOTL started a poster campaign, with the first posters going up in Las Vegas. This year, other locations were added to the campaign, including Union Station in D.C., Mason, Washington, and Harrisburg and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Victim-Centered Posters
Last year, BOTL began a poster campaign with Vector Media and the bus industry. Posters went up in Las Vegas. This year, the cam- paign expanded with the following:
 Early in the year, Union Station in Washington DC, one of the
busiest bus stations in the United States, began running a floor- to-ceiling digital victim-centered BOTL poster in its bus parking facility area visible to all bus passengers.
 Vector Media donated ad space for a victim-centered campaign that placed BOTL posters in English and Spanish in 117 transit buses in Harrisburg and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
 Mason Transit Authority in Shelton, Washington launched a victim-centered poster campaign at its transit center, where BOTL posters have been prominently displayed for over a year on digital monitors and will remain indefinitely.
“We’ve had all our bus drivers participate in the BOTL training,” declared Lisa Davis, Safety and Training supervisor for Mason Transit Authority, “and for each new bus driver we hire, BOTL is integrated in their initial training. BOTL hit home for many of our drivers, and they expressed how helpful the bus training video was to them, along with the wallet card they each received.”

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