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  Barred from travel, the Freedom Drivers Project became instantly available online
 The Freedom Drivers Project started 2020 at its usual fast pace, charging down the road from event to event. From January through March, the traveling museum covered 10,856 miles, with $33,726 donated in hauls by Quality Carriers, UPS, Total Transportation of Mississippi, Schneider, Pahoa Express and Walmart.
However, at the end of March, with in-person gatherings curtailed nationwide, the FDP had to put the brakes on actual travels and make a digital pivot, creating an inviting learning environment online for its multiple audiences, similar to schools, museums and other educational outlets.
In person or online, the exhibit participated in 29 events in 2020 with 3,435 drivers, office staff and CEOs equipped and empowered by touring or viewing it. Over 100 volunteers from 15 companies gave 443 hours of their time at FDP events. Those volunteers came
from UPS Small Pack, UPS Freight, Junior League of New Orleans, Southwest Transit Association, Chevron and TravelCenters of America.
Those who tour the FDP for the first time, either virtually or in person, continue to express astonishment and horror as to the size and shocking effects of the crime of human trafficking; encourage- ment and inspiration that drivers or members of the industry can make a direct impact on the lives of victims; and a desire and motivation for more people to be educated and equipped to respond to trafficking. Survey results demonstrate that responders found
the FDP to be extremely impactful, and almost 90 percent said the exhibit made them think differently about trafficking. Eighty-nine percent of respondents stated that after touring the FDP, they wanted to share the information with others.
 During the year, the FDP received a new interior wrap and changed out some of the exhibits. One of those changes was a new sign over some of the survivor artifacts.

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