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  When the FDP created virtual tours, it made the exhibit available to members of the trucking industry across the continent like Dominic Martinez, the shop administrator at Apex Transportation.
 Association Events
The FDP attended the Southwest Transit Association Annual Conference in Louisiana and the Michigan Trucking Association’s (MTA) Joint Meeting in Michigan in person and provided virtual tours at the American Bus Association Casino/Bus training, the American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition and the National Indian Gaming Commission webinar. Two hundred and thirty-seven people toured or viewed the exhibit at these events.
In his presentation at the MTA’s Joint Safety and Equipment Council Meeting, Michigan State Police Officer Nathan Daugherty,
speaking about the FDP and TAT, said, “This training will
hands down be the most important training you do in the trucking industry. I’d rather go to the same location 1,005 times for that one time where we can recover a victim. Please make the call even if you’re not sure.”
Community and Trade Show Events
The FDP attended the Junior League of New Orleans Takes
the Wheel event, prior to the Covid-19 shutdown, where 168 toured, and the KeHe Summer Trade Show, during Covid, where 200 toured virtually.

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