Page 42 - HUB South East Annual Report 2020-21
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With Accident Incident Rates (AIR) of well below the threshold of 0.5, our tier 1 Construction Contractors continue to maintain an excellent safety record.
in this reporting period, as with previous years, no HSE enforcement notices have been received on any Hub South East construction sites. in this unprecedented year, with sites having to close and then re-open in a covid-safe environment, we would commend our supply chain for its approach to Health and Safety in ensuring construction progress whilst adhering to strict Government guidelines.
Health and Safety remains an area of the utmost importance and is reported on regularly to our board. Where there are issues, they are identi ed and resolved as a priority. We continue to ensure that all three construction contractors share best practice and lessons learned in this area and that this is  ltered down the supply chain.
HeAltH & sAFety
All projects in this reporting period were completed within the Continuous Improvement threshold of 7.5% and track Record test of 10%, meaning the Key performance Indicator (KpI) was passed.
We have a number of targets around sustainability on Hub projects and our performance in this area continues to be good, with all agreed targets being met or exceeded. Plans are in place on all Hub projects to manage environmental issues and waste. Where our client specifies that environmental assessments such as BREAAM are targeted, we ensure that the facilities we deliver comply with these.
We are also keen to help our clients realise Scottish Government targets in relation to the environment and low carbon and we are proud to have delivered Scotland’s first non-domestic public building at Blackridge this year in partnership with West Lothian Council (P15), a project which will help influence future sustainable design. In addition, our team has had a number of teach in sessions on net zero carbon this year to ensure we are up to date with industry developments and we continue to work towards the Melville Street office maintaining its Gold office Sustainability award.

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