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8 The Game, June 2008 Canada’s Thoroughbred Racing Newspaper
FEather’s Day at Woodbine By Dave Catsimbras
Foreign Earnings
denoted separately in
ach year Father’s Day is recognized on the third even when he was very young, he could eye a good horse.” Sunday of June. It is a day in which children of all said Tino, “I guess you could say working with horses is in
NA Sales Catalogues
ages pay tribute to their dads.
For some of us, our fathers are mentors, best friends,
his blood.”
Kevin attributes his achievements to his dad, “He taught
of the Society of International
authority  gures, and advisors, and we can always remember the ups and downs of
our relationships with them.
me everything I know, he’s a good teacher and the only guy I ever worked for and I’m very
he North American members
Things are no different at Woodbine racetrack.
Proud papa Vito (right) and William Armata
thankful to him for that. We talk about things and try to better our- selves as trainers, by trading ideas. If I have a problem, I can always go to him, the door is always open.”
Thoroughbred Auctioneers (SITA) announced that future North American sales catalogues will present foreign earnings from most major racing nations in native currency, followed by a total earnings line converted to U.S. dollars.
Over the years, many fathers have passed along their knowledge of horseracing, from father to son or father to daughter.
Of course there are fathers and daughter combos at Woodbine too. Second year trainer, Ashlee Brnjas, has taken the helm of her father’s out t, Colebrook Farms. “Ashlee has been around horses all her life. I knew it was a good  t for her and I’m proud of her for handling the tough job that I’ve put in front of her,” says Ashlee’s father John.
This change applies to earnings from countries assigned “Part I” status in the International Catalogue Standards book for time periods that The Jockey Club Information Systems (TJCIS) has detailed start-by-start information from these countries.
Trainer Vito Armata and his son William are just one of many father and son combina- tions at Woodbine.
John Brnjas and daughter Ashlee
Part I countries for which
TJCIS currently has detailed start-by-start information are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.
William, in his rookie season as a conditioner, is quick to point out that his father’s help and advice are a big reason for his success so far this season, “Over the years with Chris’ Bad Boy and TJ’s Lucky Moon, I learned so much from my dad and the hard work and effort that he put into those horses.”
Tino and Kevin Attard
As for Ashlee she wouldn’t have it any other way, “Working for my dad is de nitely a challenge, but he is a positive in uence on me. I see him as the hardest working man on and off the grounds. He’s always work- ing and I couldn’t keep up with him on my best day.”
The changes will take effect beginning with the Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company’s June Sale of 2-Year- Olds and Horses of Racing Age.
When asked what message
William had for his dad on this
Father’s Day, he says, with
noticeable pride in his voice,
“Dad, thanks for where I am
today. Without you I wouldn’t
have this wonderful out t.
Whether I’m in the right race or the wrong race, you always support me 100% and you can’t beat that.”
Even though they have their differences, Ashlee and John  nd themselves working well together on the whole. Ashlee holds a lot of respect for her father and wishes him a well deserved and wonderful
Assiniboia Downs
In support of his son, Vito quips, “They say at the track, ‘If you can’t win, then you can’t train a dog to bark’, but, Willy is winning and I’m very proud of him and I wish him luck.”
At the pony barn on the Woodbine backstretch is where you will meet another father and daughter pair who openly display the good relationship they have.
to 800, poor weather conditions leading up to Assiniboia’s opening
day on May 2, has been sighted as the major contributing factor to the lack of horses ready to run during their second weekend of racing. Full  elds were carded for May 9 and Mother’s Day May 11.
Another father and son duo conditioning horses at Woodbine are Tino and Kevin Attard. Kevin started as Tino’s Assistant after graduating from college and after much success together, Kevin is now training his own out t of horses. “Kevin was always very smart with the horses,
Always bickering back in forth in a joking manner, Head Outrider, Rob Love and his stepdaughter, Katy Calder, “run the show” at the pony shed in the mornings.
Assiniboia Downs is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary Season in 2008 with live racing Friday thru Sunday and holiday Mondays with Tuesday racing being added July 1 to July 22.
Father’s Day, “I love you very much Dad, happy Father’s Day. And please don’t yell at me if we lose that day,” she says with a little smile.
of racing at Assiniboia Downs. Despite a horse population of close
Katy recalls her experience working with Rob, “It’s been good and I’m glad to work with someone who I can trust and won’t get me hurt. He makes me feel safe out on the racetrack,”
cancels Racing May 10
cancellation of the May 10 card
lack of entries caused the
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Rob counters, “Yeah, it’s been different, but Katy’s good on the horses and though she’s a little wild at times, I’m happy to have her here.”
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday  rst race post-time is 7pm, Sundays and Holidays racing begins at 1pm. Their 2008 season ends on September 21.
Katy is very appreciative of her father and is quick to point out, “Everyone here knows I’m his daughter and when he’s out there doing something good, it makes me look good too, I’m proud of that.”
Princeton Racing Days June 27
There are many more fathers who have introduced their children to the world of horseracing at Woodbine, too many to mention everyone here, nonetheless, we would like to give thanks to fathers everywhere for their love, guidance and friendship.
The fortieth running of Princeton Racing Days is set for Friday, June 27 at Sun ower Downs in Princeton, BC. A nine race card is scheduled with purses ranging from $4000 to $7000 at distances of 5 1/2 f to 1 1/16 miles. The feature race of the day is the $10,000 added Similkameen Cup at
1 1/16 miles for 3 year-olds and up.
Contact Nancy Berman for more information 416-994-6940
Race entries are taken Monday, June 23 between 11am and 3 pm by calling 250-295-3250.
Princeton Racing Days offers a fun day for everyone. First race post-time on June 27 is 3pm.
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