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 ship and commander
Jan Everwijn Drillinger
Fred. Alexander Meurer
PIJL Jan May
frigate 26 guns
sloop of war 12 guns
brig 16guns
30. 5.1786 Texel
call at Cape
16.10.1786 19.10.1786
23.10.1786 19.11.1786
20. 2.1787 Batavia
20. 2.1787 Batavia
12. 2.1787 Batavia
Of the above ships the HOORN was condemned in 1789 and sold for break-up. The remaining ships sailed for home in the 1788/89 season. Details of the homeward voyage are not known. The ships escorted a number of homeward bound VOC East Indiamen (see nos. 8224, 8236, 8247 and 8250).
d. The ORANJEZAAL and the VALK, 1787-1789
According to the Claassen records the ORANJEZAAL, a 24 gun frigate commanded by Johannes Rijnbende, sailed from the Republic on 22.12.1787. The ship may have escorted the VROUWE AGATHA, the BLITTERSWIJK and the GATENISSE (4591-4593). According to the same source the ship arrived at Colombo on 21.6.1788. Soon after that the ORANJEZAAL was condemned and sold for break-up. Little is known about the voyage of the VALK. This ship, a 24 gun frigate under the command of Abraham Kuvel, arrived at Batavia late in 1788 and returned to the Republic in 1789.
e. The ZEPHIR and the HAVIK, 1789-1793
The ZEPHIR (36 gun frigate under Jan Olphert Vaillant) and the HAVIK (18 gun corvette under Carel Hendrik V erhuell) sailed from Texel on 28.2.1789. The ships escorted the VROUWE MARIA KORNELIA and the TRINCOMALE (4631 and 4632). On board the two warships were some officers charged with the inspection of VOC fortifications and defences in Asia. The ships arrived at Batavia on 7.11.1789. In 1793 they sailed for home, probably escorting the homeward fleet under commander Jan Greve (see 8342), arriving in the Netherlands on 21.6.1793.
ƒ. The squadron under the command of Anthony Hendrik Christiaan Staringh, 1789-1792
ship and commander
A. H. C. Staringh
BELLONA Hermanus Hartman
Jan Isaak Gobius
ZWALUW Gerhard Aalbers
type departure call at Cape frigate 5.3.1789 Sep.1789
20.12.1789 Batavia
20.12.1789 Batavia
12.12.1789 Batavia
20.12.1789 Batavia
20 guns
frigate 20 guns
5.3.1789 Texel
5.1786 Texel
?. 5.1786 Texel
brig 5.3.1789 Sep.1789 16 guns Texel
brig 5.3.1789 16 guns
The ZWALUW was sold for break-up in 1792, the other ships sailed from Batavia on 24.12.1791, the THETIS and the BELLONA arriving at the Cape on 18.2.1792, the

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