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 MERKUUR on 7.3.1792. The three ships sailed from the Cape on 11.4.1792 rnd arrived in the Texel roadstead on 26.7.1792.
g. The AMAZOON, the SCIPIO and the KOMEET, 1791-1794
The AMAZOON (36 gun frigate under Abraham Kuvel) and the KOMEET (18 gun brig under Jacob Claris) sailed from Texel on 18.2.1791, together with a large fleet of VOC ships. The SCIPIO (20 gun corvette under Cornelius de Jong van Rodenburgh) sailed from the Maas on 16.12.1791. The KOMEET and the SCIPIO arrived at the Cape on 4.4.1791 and 28.3.1791 respectively. These two ships then returned to the Republic. The AMAZOON arrived at Batavia in November 1793 with on board the commissarissen-ge­ neraal S. C . Nederburgh and S.H. Frykenius. The ship did not return to Europe but was broken up in Asia in 1795.
h. The BRAKEL and the MED EM ΒLIK, 1794
In December 1794 the ships BRAKEL (56 gun ship of the line under Gerard Oorthuys) and MEDEMBLIK (36 gun frigate under Simon Dekker) put to sea. The BRAKEL was confiscated in Engeland, the MEDEMBLIK arrived in Asia in 1795.

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