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THE THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER Planet Earth’s ONLY Paranormal / Parapsychology Newspaper Vol. 13, No 11 ISSN - 1499-8599 (E-dition) / ISSN - 1499-8602 (CD-ROM) November 2008 $4.95 (US) ‘X’Marks the UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, afternoon radio show. ‘X’Marks the No money, but great exposure, thought Paranormal Spot angels in our midst and the arrival of Planet X— Mr. McConnell. After that, he started Paranormal Spot for four hours, McConnell's ‘X’ Zone radio show discusses just about everything under the approaching other stations around North Live from the Mountain to the paranormal umbrella. American, offering to be a guest. Then in 1995 he bought airtime on Broadcasting from the heart of the world every weeknight "Great Lakes triangle, the show’s motto, or CKDX in Newmarket, Sunday nights from 11 p. disclaimer if you prefer, is “Where fact is fiction m. to 1 a. m., selling his own ads to pay for the By Gord Bowes News Staff and fiction is reality.” show. That led to a London radio station calling, "People want a place where they can where he was offered a Friday night show and talk, where they can be safe," says Mr. commission for the ads he sold. McConnell. “It’s okay to believe in leprechauns, He eventually ended up at CKTB in St. it’s okay to believe in fairies. It's okay to believe Catharines with a Friday-Sunday show — “And in Bigfoot or in extra-terrestrials.” I was getting paid.” That eventually turned into The ‘X’ Zone has its beginnings in 1993, a gig as executive producer of talk when Mr. McConnell was diagnosed with programming at the AM station. multiple sclerosis following a heart attack. His Today, Mr. McConnell, 55, is syndicated doctor told him he had to slow down. on the TalkStar Radio Network, on dozens of With a longtime interest in the paranormal, sparked by a UFO sighting as a boy (Continued on Page 2) in 1957 that he still can’t explain to this day, Mr. Hamilton Mountain News McConnell started the ‘X’ Chronicles The ‘X’ Zone Radio newspaper. At first, he couldn't give away the The ‘X’ Zone Radio 20,000 copies of the monthly publication. Show and The ‘X’ Every weeknight, Rob McConnell “Then came the X-Files on TV, about Show and The ‘X’ settles in behind his desk in the basement studio two months after we started publishing,” says Chronicles Newspaper Chronicles Newspaper of his Mountain home, connects to TalkStar Mr. McConnell. are now available at master control in White Springs, Fla., and opens It wasn't long before the paranormal are now available at the door to a universe that listeners around the publisher got a call from CHML producer Brian The APP Store! world tune into. Wilde asking him to appear on Bill Kelly’s The APP Store!
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