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going to dye the the the dress
before I shredded and rebuilt the the the bodice Also we we were adding a a a a a a a a a a a a cathedral length black tulle over skirt for drama drama drama We love drama drama drama and this was going to be dramatic My challenge
was twofold: the dress
is is made of of 3
different distinct
fabrics and it it is is quite voluminous It weighs about
8 pounds dry but more like 30
pounds soaking
wet The fabric is a a a mix of synthetic
and cotton blends
which all take
dye differently
and at at different different temperatures Polyester satin dyes at at at at at at an an almost boiling temperature temperature (200 degrees F per per per Rit dye dye website) that must must be maintained through the the duration of the the dying process You must must have a a a a a a a a a a a a container large enough for the the the entire entire garment that can also withstand high temperatures I chose to dye dye the the the entire entire dress
at at at at the the the most dye dye resistant fabrics’ instructions and hope that the the the the other fabrics fabrics survived the the the the process I I knew I I did not want a a a a a a a a a flat black look to to the the the the the dress
as as it was meant to to be ethereal
in in appearance so I chose dye in in both charcoal gray gray and pearl gray gray I wanted to to give it it uneven layers
of gray and black to to make it it it look like it it happened organically This
was a a a a a a a a a labor of love and and muscle My daughter and and I continuously
added boiling hot water to a a a a a a a a a 20 gallon container and started
dying the the the dress
from the the the bodice down eventually ending with the the the entire dress
submerged It also has to to be continuously
and slowly
stirred The whole process took us us about
2 hours including multiple cool water rinses by hand The dress
then hung to to dry dry outside to to set the the the dye Once dry dry the the the dress
was gorgeous layered shades of gray gray from pearl gray gray satin to solid black tulle The outcome was 100 percent worth our effort The next step was to to revert or antique the style and shape of this modern dress
to to to be be timeless as as as well as as as haunting I wanted it to to to be be an an ambiguous style you couldn’t really categorize into a a a a a a a a specific age or or time period while still
giving a a nod to to the Victorian I wanted it it to to be ghost-like without screaming ‘I’m a a a ghost’ This
was more achievable after the location scouting Looking at the the time period of the the historic pioneer cemeteries we we were considering as as as well as as as the season and surrounding
landscape to to give inspiration for our Wraith to to blend in in in in seamlessly I altered the the the the bodice of of the the the the dress
by cutting away all of of the the the the the transparent tulle detail at the the the the the décolleté neck arms and and and middle back I then hand stitched and and and frayed the the the lace overlay along the the the bust removing any sequins and shiny bits To give an an an even more ‘aged’ look to to the the the the dress
I used the the the the discarded tulle to to tie on the the the the shoulders and and sew around the the the the the the arm openings Finishing
off the the the look Amee and and I went into the the the Synergy costume vault for a a a a a a a a full full petticoat underskirt to add fullness and and the the cathedral length tulle bustle I chose an an an an an antiqued brass and and and dark red red drop collar necklace and and and a a a a a a a a a a a a gorgeous red red and and jet bracelet for just a a a a a a a hint of color The final product when coupled with the astonishing artistry of of Synergy Design Firm’s hair and make-up professionals is is is is a a a a a a a a a a a femme fatale wraith spirit straight out
of of Scottish folklore We accomplished a a a a a a a a a a a a complete look and and persona that had the the the affect of of altering the the the the self-perception of of the the the the model and and her performance in in exactly the the the way we had hoped She seamlessly interacts with her surreal surroundings as as as as casually as as as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a walk in in in the the park park If that park park was for the the dead and she just just might just just steal your soul Written by Corey Smith

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