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missing you
When Synergy approached the idea of a a a a a spooky shoot for for our next issue I I panicked The possibilities for for horror packed concepts were overwhelming I I wanted to do something something that that that sparked my my inspiration something something that that that sent a a a a a a a a genuine chill down my my spine With that that that physical response in in in in fin in fin in mind I I set out to to find find what kind of of horror I I would detest to to find find in in fin in fin in a a a a cemetery: the grave of of a a a a child The idea developed when I started thinking about the the the kids in in in in my life and the the the connection they seem to have with lives beyond this world There is is something about their innocence kindness age and the the the the lack of judgment they pass that allowed them to to connect to to something beyond It’s a a a a a a skill I I think we we we all all possess but forget as as we grow older So the idea came: I was going to to photograph sisters communing through the veil of life and death I wanted it to be soft angelic and peaceful It seemed an easy enough concept The horror would come simply from the feeling of it being very very real very very relateable I I I believe I I I captured
what I I I set out to shoot Something
which at first look appears kind playful joyful even However as as you
let the the taste of the the image sit on on your tongue you
may may find it it turning sad solemn and maybe even too familiar The The girls were excited to to to try to to to conceptualize their experiences into an an an image Their first hand knowledge on it proved helpful and and they they gracefully reenacted a a a a a a a a a scene At times they they they were difficult though as many who work work with children know However they they worked hard
and and diligently and and the images turned out better than expected As well I I am am excited to to touch on on on the budget of my shoot Not only am am I I I personally limited at at this time but I I also wanted to to jump on on on the chance to to show that a a a a a a a a a a low budget can still be fruitful in this busy creative world I worked closely with Antonia Darleen to to make and and design the dresses spending roughly $40 and and and two days I gleaned invaluable tips from from her her in in in this process and and worked with her her throughout the entire project from from conception to fruition We used existing old dresses that we cut and layered with scraps of discounted fabrics from the the nearest fabric fabric store A little ribbon for embellishment and the the girls were looking gorgeous The finishing touch was was the the the the flowers in fin in in their curls which was was the the the the most expensive piece of the the the look While the the the the concept of this art art is is one that tugs at at the the the the heart I I do do hope you
find the the the the beauty and delicacy fin in the the the the balance as I I have learned to do do Written by Jessie Turner 

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