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The Journey to a New Start Begins
with Loving Hearts Adoption Services
By Alexandra Hoops, Director of Adoption, Loving Hearts Adoption Services
For many expectant mothers (those who are currently pregnant and considering adoption) and birth mothers (those who have already placed their child for adoption), the New Year provides hope toward a journey of healing and support.
Starting the process of reaching out to an adoption agency can feel overwhelming at first, but it all starts with talking to trusted professionals. With the right information and guidance, expectant and birth mothers can feel empowered in taking the next step forward.
The first step to seeing if adoption is the best option is getting the facts from a licensed adoption agency and seeing what would be in the best interest of the child and the parent. Reaching out to an adoption agency does not commit an expectant parent to adoption. In the state of Nevada, the expectant parent may change their mind before parental relinquishment documents are signed. Depending on which state wherein relinquishment documents are completed, some states may allow additional time for a parent to change their mind about choosing adoption, even after relinquishment documents are signed.
Regardless of whichever decision the expectant parents may choose, adoption agencies serve as a resource for education and information.
While the decision to place a child for adoption can be excruciatingly hard, it may open up a sense of hope toward finding the most ideal situation for the child, all while realizing the power they have to help another family’s dream come true.
If an expectant parent chooses to place their child for adoption, they are encouraged to approach the process in a way that empowers participation and involvement in their child’s plan.
Part of developing an adoption plan includes exploring various levels of post-adoption communication openness with the adoptive family. While more expectant parents opt for an open adoption, meaning they may directly communicate with the adoptive family and receive updates concerning the child throughout the child’s life, some expectant parents may feel more comfortable with a semi-open or closed adoption.
Although placing a child for adoption is extremely noble, it can also be a traumatic experience and cause feelings of hopelessness. Because birth parent support shouldn’t stop after placement, many adoption agencies offer a number of resources to help birth parents toward a journey of healing.

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