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Birth mothers can take the New Year as an opportunity to participate in resources like birth mother support groups where other birth mothers and adoption professionals gather to provide a sense of community while discussing healthful habits to address ongoing grief.
Licensed adoption agencies, such as Loving Hearts, offer these types of resources and encourage both expectant and birth parents to take advantage of what may be available to them toward healing. Referrals for other resources, like financial or housing support, may also be facilitated based on the needs of the expectant or birth parents.
Working with a team of compassionate and knowledgeable adoption professionals means that birth families have advocates on their side who are committed to ensuring their child is placed with the best fit and that all parties are established to have the best overall quality of life possible.
Adoption agencies, like Loving Hearts Adoption Services, can provide expectant and birth families the education and resources needed to navigate the lifelong journey of adoption and find new opportunities for healing.
Further information about the lifelong journey of adoption can be learned by calling 702.385.3351 or visiting
Alexandra Hoops is Director of Adoption at Loving Hearts Adoption Services, a child- placing agency currently licensed by the state of Nevada (#880059215).

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