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          New m1nd-set research discloses shopper trends for vaccinated
          travelers post-COVID

              It should not come as much of a
          surprise that people who travel want to get
          the coronavirus vaccine, and most of them
          want it as soon as possible.
              This is one finding from the latest
          syndicated research conducted by Swiss
          research agency m1nd-set in January 2021
          to assess the impact of COVID and the
          COVID vaccine on travel and shopping
              More than 90% of travelers who
          visit Duty Free shops will take the
          vaccine when it is available, according to
          m1nd-set. According to the research two
          thirds of visitors are willing to receive
          the vaccine as soon as it is available
          and around one third prefer to receive
          the vaccine after some time, but not
              The research, conducted in January
          2021, was carried out among 2,500   as soon as possible, slightly lower than   Post-COVID vaccinated travelers
          travelers who used to fly at least twice   the global average of 63%, while 38%   to seek more sustainable shopping
          per year before the COVID-19 outbreak   say they wish to receive the vaccine after   experiences and exclusives
          and who were regular shoppers in Travel   waiting a while, well above the global   Shopper behavior among
          Retail.                           average (30%).                     international travelers who want to receive
              The impact on shopping and spending   The research also reveals that   the vaccine will evolve, according to the
          behavior is broken down into a number   international travelers who want to receive   m1nd-set COVID-vaccine research. For
          of key themes. These include the impact   the vaccine as soon as possible also tend   example, 56% of these respondents say
          of COVID on the perception of the   to be more likely to visit the Duty Free   they will purchase more products online,
          importance of different shopping aspects,   shops on future international air trips   compared to 48% among those who do not
          such as sustainability, promotions or   (67%) and to convert into buyers (also   want the vaccine.
          digital elements; the possible replacement   67%).
          of the Travel Retail channel by other
          shopping channels such as e-commerce;
          changes in travelers’ engagement with
          airport services and changes in habits
          at the airport; the impact of COVID on
          interaction with sales staff and on the
          willingness to try and test products; the
          preference for digital vs human interaction
          inside the store and the likelihood to shop
          online, pre-order and use click-and-collect
              The research reveals the behavior
          among key shopper segments – including
          region, nationality, age and traveler type
          for example – with regards to the various
          topics studied. Chinese travelers for
          example are, according to the research,
          significantly more likely compared to the
          global average to want to have the vaccine
          (97% vs 93%). But 59% of Chinese
          respondents wish to receive the vaccine

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