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 MasterClass Non-Stick
Six Hole Muffin Tin
With deep sides for baking muffins.
35cm x 26cm (holes 9cm x 4cm). Sleeved. KCMCHB42
MasterClass Non-Stick
Mini Twelve Hole Tin
For baking bite sized cupcakes and buns. 26cm x 20cm (holes 4.5cm x 2cm). Sleeved. KCMCHB17
      MasterClass Non-Stick Brownie Tins
  2. Brownie tin – 34cm x 20cm x 4cm (101⁄2"x8x11⁄4") (131⁄2"x8"x11⁄2")
1. Brownie tin – 27cm x 20cm x 3cm
KCMCHB49 MasterClass Non-Stick Square Baking Tin
For use alone or with item KCMCHB70 as a lidded baking pan, see page 333. 23cm x 4cm. Sleeved. KCMCHB13
MasterClass Non-Stick Deep Pie Pan / Tart Tin
With sloped sides. 23cm (9"). Depth 5cm. Sleeved. KCMCHB15
        MasterClass Non-Stick Square
Sandwich Tin
With loose base. 20cm (8"). Depth 3.5cm. Sleeved. KCMCHB77
 loose base

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