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 MasterClass Non-Stick Mini Twenty-Four Hole Tart Tin
  Includes wooden pastry tamper. Ideal for canapés. 35cm x 27cm (holes 4cm x 2cm).
Display boxed.
  MasterClass Non-Stick Large Twelve
Hole Square Brownie Tin
For baking individual brownies. 34cm x 26cm (holes 6cm x 2.5cm). Display boxed. KCMCHB69
for gooey centres and crispy edges
MasterClass Non-Stick Fluted Rectangular Flan / Quiche Tins With loose bases. Sleeved.
        1. Rectangular tin – 31cm x 21cm x 2.5cm
(12"x81⁄2"x1") (14"x5"x1")
KCMCHB55 MasterClass Non-Stick Baking Tins
For baking fairy cakes and cupcakes. Sleeved.
1. Six hole – 27cm x 18cm (holes 7cm x 2.5cm) KCMCHB6
loose bases
2. Rectangular tin – 36cm x 13cm x 2.5cm
2. Twelve hole – 35cm x 27cm (holes 7cm x 2.5cm) KCMCHB7

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