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    Chef’n Stack’n PeelTM
Three-in-One Peeler Set
Includes straight, serrated and julienne blades. All three snap together for easy storage and feature built-in potato eye removers. Carded. 103-900-281
Chef’n VeggiChopTM
Vegetable Chopper
Chops large pieces of fruit, herbs vegetables, boneless meats, nuts and ice by hand. Includes convenient storage lid. Display boxed. 102-239-011
   Chef’n SpinCycleTM
Small Salad Spinner
Spins smoothly to dry lettuce and herbs fast. Handle locks in place and lays flat for storage. Display boxed. 104-730-011
    Chef’n EmulstirTM Salad
Dressing Mixer
Measure, mix and serve homemade dressings in seconds! BPA free container with dripless spout and features a pump plunger which twists the whisk. Sleeved. 104-759-258

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