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    Chef’n Counter Top Sprouter
Growing Kit
Creates the ideal environment for growing alfalfa sprouts. Features a patent-pending ventilation system, designed to increase airflow for reduced mould. The discreet pour spout provides splash-free rinsing. Best when left out of direct sunlight. Adjustable screen. Gift boxed. 102-742-390
Chef’n Nut Milk Maker
Create your own milk alternative. Easy to use kit including a one litre glass carafe, reusable mesh filter and silicone spill-proof storage lid. Recipes and add-in ideas included. Gift boxed. 5255882KC
    How to use:
Place nuts in the carafe and soak in water for twelve hours.
Drain and blend with cold water then strain through the reusable mesh filter into
the carafe.
Serve immediately or refrigerate in the carafe with the silicone lid.

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