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  Home Made Glass Preserving Jars
Preserving jars in assorted shapes and sizes all with twist off screw top lids. Loose.
pickled fruit and vegetables are a healthy way to add flavour and goodness to homemade creations
      1. Hexagonal jar 55ml (1.9oz) KCJARHEX55
Home Made Glass
Preserving Jars
With metal screw band tops with integral rubber seals. Labelled.
2. Hexagonal jar 110ml (3.8oz) KCJARHEX110
3. Hexagonal jar 227ml (8oz) KCJARHEX8
4. Hexagonal jar 340ml (12oz) KCJARHEX12
5. Round jar 454ml (1lb) KCJARRD1
6. Round jar 907ml (2lb) KCJARRD2
  Home Made 1⁄2 Gallon (21⁄4 Litre / 4lb)
Traditional Glass Pickling Jar
Large transparent jar with a twist off lid for pickling onions and vegetables. Loose. KCHMPICKLE
     1. Jar – 500g (17oz)
2. Jar – 1000g (35oz)
 Home Made Multi-Purpose Glass Storage Jars
Clear glass storage jars available in three sizes with glass lids and rubber airtight seals. Gift tagged.
1. Jar – 600ml (21oz) 9cm x 14cm KCHMJARSML
2. Jar – 1400ml (49oz) 11cm x 18cm KCHMJARMED
3. Jar – 2200ml (77oz) 11cm x 24cm KCHMJARLRG

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