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    Home Made Jam Jar Covers
Bags of twenty-four heat sealing jam jar covers, waxed circles, bands and plain labels.
Fits jars KCJARRD1 and KCJARRD2 - see adjacent page.
Home Made Waxed
Circles / Discs
Packs of two hundred. Fits jars KCJARRD1 and KCJARRD2 -
see adjacent page.
Preserving & Bottling
          1. For 454ml (1lb) jars (KCJARRD1)
Home Made 7.5 Litre Glass
Infuser Drinks Dispenser
Clear glass with embossed detailing and a removable infuser to add ice or fruit to chill or flavour drinks.
With a traditional spigot. Gift tagged. KCHMGLSJARINF
removable infuser
2. For 907ml (2lb) jars (KCJARRD2)
1. For 454ml (1lb) jars (KCJARRD1)
2. For 907ml (2lb) jars (KCJARRD2)
      Home Made 1.9 Litre
Traditional Glass Demijohn
Features a pouring handle and cork bung. Suitable for home brewing, serving drinks and decorative use. Gift tagged.
Home Made Glass Bottles
Ideal for oils, vinegars, salad dressings, sauces, lemonade and sloe gin.
With ceramic flip top lids.
extra durable silicone seals
      1. Sloe gin bottle 500ml (22cm) KCHMBOT7
2. Cordial bottle 500ml (26cm) KCHMBOT8

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