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    Home Made Jam Straining Kit
A stand with folding legs and a straining bag. Ideal for make fruit jelly, straining cheese or butter or filtering home-brewed wine or beer. Display boxed.
Home Made Self-Adhesive
Assorted Preserve Jar Labels
Roll of one hundred peel away labels in assorted jam
related patterns.
Dispenser boxed. KCHMJAMLAB
Home Made Self-Adhesive
Jar Labels
Bag of thirty.
Bagged with header card. KCHMJLAB11
Home Made Polyester Jelly Bag
Approximately 30cm. For making clear jellies, preserves and straining cheese. Bagged with a header card. KCJELBAG
Home Made
Straining Bag
100% cotton bag with a poly rim. Bagged with a header card. KCJELLY
     make jams or strain cheese or butter
        Home Made Butter Muslin
Approximately 90cm square. Ideal for straining, steaming, preserving and cheese maturing. Bagged with a header card.
    Home Made Cheese Cloth
Approximately 1.6 square metres. Ideal for straining, preserving, basting poultry, steaming fifish, spice bags and shell fifish preparation. Bagged with a header card. KCCHCLOTH
  Home Made Mini
Jam Pot
43ml (11⁄2oz) glass pot with screw lid. Loose. KCHMMINIJAM
          Home Made 14cm Stainless
Steel Adjustable Jam Funnel
Large capacity funnel with a size adaptor for safely fifilling both small and large bottles and preserving jars. Display boxed.
Home Made 14cm Stainless
Steel Jam Funnel
Mirror polished fifinish with side handle. Tagged.
       made in
     section removes to fifit varying sized bottle necks

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