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       Go back for just a minute to Dashin Sandy, the dam of Champaigne Lane. She
also produced Sandys Fame, who produced Sandy June Bug, who produced Junior June Bug by Jesse James Jr. in 2010. The 16-hand sorrel colt won the Zia Derby-RG3 and the Mountain Top Futurity. His career earnings topped out at $290,000. That exact line from Dashin Sandy also produced Daddys Blushing by Big Daddy Cartel in 2015. Another
stakes winner/placer, he banked more than $292,000. Again, this exact line executed
a triple hat trick when it came with Colby James by Jesse James Jr in 2017. He polished off an 8(4)-4(3)-3(1) record from 20 with deposits totaling $550,168.
Dashin Sandy and her daughter Sandys Fame stayed in high gear again and again. Sandys Fame produced Bridgette Bordeaux by Blushing Bug in 2002. Bridgette Bordeaux,
when paired with Jesse James Jr, produced Jess Bordeaux in 2012. He was another stakes winner/placer for the line with $173,000.
Sandys Jesse, a sorrel filly by Jesse James
Jr foaled in 2010, was another product of Dashin Sandy and Sandys Fame. Sandys Jesse accumulated nearly $277,000. And don’t forget....Dashin Sandy was a daughter of that determined-to-be-born Synchrocept.
Dashin Sandy was similar to an ATM machine. Just enter the code and wait for the cash. She produced Fine Wines by First Down Dash in 2000. Fine Wines hooked up with Mr Jess Perry for the Time For Wine filly, who earned $207,000.
Dashin Sandy is actually credited with adding more than one branch to the family tree. In addition to Champagne Lane’s prolific contributions, Dashin Sandy also gave the industry Tangled Vines by Dash Ta Fame.
Tangled Vines, in turn, produced Pick Your Pour by Jesse James Jr in 2020. The sorrel, stakes-winning gelding earned $224,000. Tangled Vines also added Untangled Vines to the list, by Jesse James Jr. The sorrel gelding added another $143,477 to the family’s coffers. Tangled Vines and Jesse James Jr introduced Rex Hill in 2010. The sorrel colt did his share with $230,701.
Dashin Sandy and Sandys Fame were back in the starting gate with a sorrel mare named Sandys Jesse by Jesse James Jr in 2012. The filly meant business every time she stepped on the track. She didn’t care who she ran against or on what track. All she wanted was a fair shot and, when she got it, she’d usually go home with a solid paycheck. She won the NMHBA Stakes-G2 at Sunland, the Sunburst Stake at Sunland, and the New Mexico Breeders’ Stake-G2 at SunRay Park. Sandys
Time For Wine winning the Junos Request Stakes at SunRay Park. © Orona Photography
Daddys Blushing winning the Mountain Top Futurity. © Ruidoso Downs
Junior June Bug winning the Mountain Top New Mexico Bred Futurity.
© Ruidoso Downs

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