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                Jesse wrapped up her career with $276,529 and 31 tough starts.
Dashin Sandy produced Fine Wines by First Down Dash in 2000. Fine Wines visited Mr Jess Perry’s court and, in 2012, Time For Wine hit the ground. She had 21 starts and earned $207,000.
Synchrocept started a new set of hoofprints in 1991 when she foaled Streakin Chapelle
by Streakin Dash. Four years later, Streakin Chapelle added a leaf to the tree with Love That Chapelle by Blushing Bug.
Love That Chapelle was up for the family challenge, when she dumped $136,282 into the joint bank account. The Synchrocept/Streakin Chapelle/Famous Chapelle ladies added another filly, Arbor Mist by Blushing Bug, to the line-up in 2001. She earned $130,397.
Synchrocept had only eight foals with six starters. Even with those tight numbers and smaller purses, those six managed to grace Synchrocept with $230,096. Her top earner was Dashin Sandy with $103,171.
These same names will continue popping up in pedigrees for many years to come. Their importance as an industry family won’t fade even when you can no longer see the connections in those little pedigree boxes.
“We’ve been blessed over and over,” Mac said. “We couldn’t afford to buy quality mares back then. We had to breed them. So we went by the old rule that everyone has heard over and over: We took the best we had and bred them to the best we could afford.”
“We had a few shares, and we did some partnerships. That was the only way we could get a piece of stallions like First Down Dash. Scoop (Vessels) sent horses
to us for the New Mexico sales and that brought us some powerful recognition. Scoop was a great friend to us and I’m still not certain why.”
“Even though we’ve been in the business
a long time, the excitement is still there when one of our horses wins a race. I don’t think that will ever go away.”
“We’re proud of the things we’ve accomplished, of the breeding programs we’ve developed, of the horses we’ve produced, and the families we’ve contributed to the industry. I don’t believe it’s possible to attain any kind of goal without help, and we have great help at MJ.”
There are dozens of industry members who look up to MJ Farms. Mac and Janis are both respected for their integrity and honest practices. To some, MJ is even a hero.
Heroes must have heroes. That’s the only way to keep the chain moving forward and aspiring to be better than yesterday.
Even Mac has a couple of heroes.
“For me, it’s Bob and Jerry Gaston,” he said. “They have done so well, and they’ve done most of it themselves, including all their own foaling. They’re dedicated and that’s a special thing to see.”
Heroes and horses. It just seems like a natural combination.
Sandys Jesse winning the Sunburst Stakes at Sunland Park. © Coady Photography
   “We’ve been blessed over and over.
 We couldn’t afford to buy quality mares back then.
 We had to breed them.” – Mac Murray
        Mac & Janis Murray with Champagne Lane, Alice K White and Astica. © Photo provided
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