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 Championship. Once Sunday arrived, the top 69 were all spread out cook- ing what they all hoped would be a world champion steak. Each doing something a little different, each pulling out that one secret to elevate them above the rest.
That evening everyone gathered in
the Will Rogers auditorium for
awards. Buzz still on Sandy and now
Matt, the only two points champs in
contention to get a second ring. Matt
received a 14th place call while
Sandy heard her ticket number called
for the 10th spot. So, all eyes were on
the rest and who it would be. Ticket after ticket was called to round out the rest of the Top 10. When the first-place number was called there was a brief silence then screams, cheers and tears when everyone realized it was Marissa Ouverson who stood to go down the aisle.
Those on stage couldn’t see very well who it was until someone finally recog- nized her and told Matt, “It’s Marissa!” The reunion in the aisle when Matt bolted from the stage to hug his sister was enough to make even the burliest of cooks tear up, especially as he, a past champion, escorted his sister, the new champion to the stage. This year was def- initely the Year of the Woman but most certainly solidified the SCA as a family af- fair.
Business Partner
Cotton Gin Smokers have come to the party as the SCA official barrel cooker. They are no stranger to SCA competitions having shown up at several but now they are hooked. With their passion
to provide cooks with the best product available to cook with, they are a natural fit with the SCA. As a committed family man, Matt brings the same drive and commitment into his craft, so you know you're getting the best, made by a Texan located in Michi- gan. These handcrafted smok- ers are a must to have in your BBQ cooking arsenal.
Event Spotlight
The historic city of Savannah, GA will be the place to be on April 24th. So much to do in this town, you may even want to make a whole weekend of it as you join us for the 2nd Annual Bovine at the Shrine Double Steak Cookoff. In ad- dition to cooking a double, you will also have the oppor- tunity to cook two ancillaries.
Bloody Mary’s are becoming more and more popular during steak cooks but this one will also have desserts as the other. This we do not see very often. If you are going for the ancil- lary points chase or just looking for something challenging to cook, then this event is the place you need to at- tend, especially if you’re in Georgia and Florida. Contact promoter, Jonathan Lewis for more informa- tion.
Ancillary Points
Everyone is talking about this year’s
Ancillary Points Chase and rightfully so. With the renewed focus on this part of an event, you are see-
ing cooks from all over competing and some who’ve outright said they are going for the Ancillary Points Championship. Right now sitting at the top of the leader board is Will Collier with Kyle Ma-
tuszewski and Tona Pendray hot on his heels. But we cannot count out 4th place Lori Davis or any of the 10 cooks tied for 5th place. Those cooks, all top notch grill- masters, are determined to not let the leaders rest on their laurels. But don’t count out any of those not on this month’s list to start making strides for the title of SCA Ancillary Points Cham- pion!
ACE Hardware Points Chase
Just as the ancillary points chase is heat- ing up, so is the ACE Hardware Steak Points Chase. Although
Sandy Brown is the current champion, Mark Siemers is doing all he can to keep her from repeating. As are the others such as 2nd place Chad Barragan and 3rd place Jana Mays. Mark Johnson, Will Collier and Layne Holmes are within 2 points of each other keep- ing 4th though 6th a battle to watch right now as they fire up their grills
each week. With Sandy in 7th and going for ring number two, William Whitfield, Alta Hertz, Jason Hertz and Corey Rush all know they have to over- come her in order to get to the rest. If we thought last year was something to watch, this year is shap- ing up to be even better.
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