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How to Host a BBQ Contest
 After an unfortunately quiet
2020, 2021 is shaping up to be a
much better year. NEBS has al-
ready received a number of in-
quiries from a variety of
organizations and individuals
looking to host their first BBQ
contest. It is probably true that
most everyone who reads the Na-
tional Barbecue News have been
to and/or competed in a BBQ con-
test of one form or another. Host-
ing a BBQ contest may not have
been something that not has
crossed your mind, but we are
here to tell you that it is easier
and more fun than you might
think. So, whether you are think-
ing of adding a BBQ contest to an
already existing club event, or
perhaps creating an experience at
your neighborhood block party
that no one will forget, NEBS is here to help you every step of the way.
NEBS sanctions primarily three contest types; a 2 category Tailgate BBQ contest, and a 4 category NEBS Classic con- test, and a Kids-Q contest. Each of these contests appeals to a specific group of contestants. It is also possible, and
By Paul Dahlstrom, NEBS Vice President
quite typical, to sponsor more than one type of contest at an event.
The Tailgate contest is a two cat- egory BBQ contest typically using chicken and ribs as the meats. Tailgate contests can be as simple as a half day low overhead contest - not a lot of fancy equipment is required and the entry fees are low.
A NEBS Classic Contest is a four category contest where the cate- gories are wide open to anything that the organizer desires. This type of contest brings with it an elevated level of excitement, and possibly an elevated amount of equipment, experience, and entry fees.
The Kids-Q contests are just that, a contest designed just for the kids. This makes a great add-on for many of the contest teams who want to get their kids involved. It is also a great way for a family to pull together and support their kids in a cooking contest.
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