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  Pit Smoked Ribs slather’d with LC’s Homemade BBQ Sauce
ters who have soot covered blackened hands from real live fires! This BBQ Beef Sandwich, Steak Fries, a plate of Rib Tips slathered in Hot BBQ Sauce was Heaven on a Plate for me. And if you were a Pro NFL or MLB team playing the Chiefs or the Royals getting LC's BBQ was what was for dinner.
This humble man starting out with nothing but a deep love
BBQ Beef with Steak Fries—notice the blacked bread from the pitmaster’s smoky hands! —you know you’re getting real pit bbq
and passion for making his own brand of real pit barbecue and became one of America's Best BBQ Joints. A real testa- ment how one man’s dream and his real pit slow smoked BBQ ended up making the list of every “Best BBQ In Amer- ica” article year after year. I will miss LC Richardson but I will always remember his big smile every time I'm in KC or- dering my Rib Tips. Rest in Peace LC...God Loves You! America Loves You! "Famous Dave"
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