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Cotton Gin Smoker’s Ribs Recipe
St. Louis Spare Ribs
(Base Rub) Steak Princess Rapunzel’s Sweet Rapture Rub from Rylee Wright
(Top Rub)Rumrunners BBQ Captain’s Choice Rub from Rob Dopp
Brown Sugar
Fruit Juice (like apple)
Final Dust with Captain’s Choice
Pull membrane from back of the ribs and rub both sides with base rub first and then top rub.
Heat Cotton Gin Smoker to 250 degrees Cook until desired color. Once you achieve your desired color it’s time to wrap.
Lay out two sheets of foil per rack, put down your brown sugar, slices of butter (3-4), honey. Fold up the sides of the foil and pour a little fruit juice in. Lay in your ribs and wrap them up a little loose.
Allow them to cook until they feel tender with a toothpick or an internal temp of 195 degrees away from the bones. If you want fall off the bone then cook until 205 degrees.
Unwrap ribs and final dust with Captain’s Choice Rub. Cut and serve.
Cook time is approximately 3 hours. Longer if you like that fall off the bone rib.
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