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  examples make you think it’s all just the basics because there are also recipes for Southern Cordon Bleu, Pork Bene- dict with BBQ Hollandaise, Moink Balls, Asian BBQ Beef Skewers, Smoked Deviled Eggs with Shredded Pork, and Smoke Chicken Lollipops, among others. (If you want to know what Moink Balls are, you’ll have to buy the book.)
I’ve got to hand it to Sheehan and his pub- lishers. They went for something a bit dif- ferent from the rest and they pulled it off. It’s a great book, worthy of you breaking quarantine to go to the bookstore for it. Make sure to wear mask, please.
I written in this space before about how all
of us likely go through a stage where we get
fascinated with incorporating Asian influ-
ences into our barbecue. There’s just some-
thing about Asian flavors and styles that
work so well with outdoor cooking, whether
it be hot and fast on the grill or low and
slow in the smoker. Perhaps it is because of
the many outdoor markets throughout Asia and the param- eters under which those cooks have to work. Let’s face it, it is pretty easy to set up a small brazier in a tight outdoor space and we all know what a skilled cook can turn out in
such conditions.
With that in mind, I was very interested to see the new book, “Sweet Savory Spicy: Exciting Street Market Food from Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and More” by Sarah Tiong ($25, Page Street Publishing, 160 pp.). Author Tiong
is a lawyer turned Master Chef Australia fi- nalist and now a private chef and pop-up market stall owner. She grabbed my atten- tion right off the top with her opening chapter – On The Barbecue – and her first line in the chapter introduction: Barbecu- ing is an integral part of Southeast Asian Culture. What follows is recipes for Malaysian Barbecued Chicken with Co- conut and Turmeric, Cambodian Pork Chops, Vietnamese Grilled Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaves, Jalan Alor Grilled Chicken Wings and more. Along with other chapters on various Asian street foods there is a very good chapter n Street Food Sauces toward the end of the book. The entire book is
clearly and carefully written which is often times most im- portant when writing on international cuisines. All in all, this is a great book to enact upon your Asian influences in barbecue.
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