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Ways to Connect with your NEBS friends!
ticipants, visitors at “all the BBQ places” this season easily, we still want and need you to be part of our community! We all need com- munity and friends to get through this insanity! So, here’s a few ways to connect from behind your keyboard!
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2 – Update your profile on the NEBS website! Go to – log in to your account. On your name in the upper right, drop down that arrow – go to Profile – check out all you can do! Update all your information – set your security as to how people can find
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  From Backyard Competitor to Businessman: BBQ or Bust!
 A lifelong BBQ enthusiast, Dan DeCourcey was co-pitmaster of Up In Your Grill competition BBQ team until he gave in to his dream of being self-employed and running his own BBQ food truck. Dan has gone all-in; quitting his fulltime job and buying a brand-new state- of-the-art trailer. Here Dan imparts some wisdom to those who may be interested to follow.
Q: Now that you have experienced both the competition BBQ world and the business BBQ world, are they really close enough that anyone who loves to cook BBQ could make a go at a making a living from it?
Dan: It’s good to have the competition BBQ focus on quality when opening a BBQ business. We treat every meal going out the window like a turn in box. Customers are judges! They score great appear- ance, taste, and tenderness with their return business and word of mouth recommendations. Customer reviews and recommenda- tions can make or break a BBQ truck.
Q: What kind of work did you do before starting your BBQ business and which one was easier?
Dan: I had a 9 to 5 office job in the financial industry for 20 years. Made good bank, had great benefits, and lived the easy life. I had thought that opening my own business would be twice as hard for half the pay. I was wrong. Opening your own business, BBQ or otherwise, means working 4 times as hard for a quarter of the pay (or worse). Would I willingly go back? Nope! Nothing can com- pare with being your own boss or writing your own story instead of someone else’s. I love it. Life is good.
Q: What part of running a BBQ food truck is the hardest?
Dan: The LONG, LONG Hours! If you want to open a food truck BBQ is the worst cuisine to choose. Go with an ice cream truck or burgers or grilled cheese. Anything that doesn’t take 12 hours or more to cook! I get jealous of the trucks that show up 10 minutes
By Paul Dahlstrom before the start of the event, fire up the equipment, and swing the
window open. The BBQ truck is the first truck in and last truck out.
Q: What part is the most fun?
Dan: Talking to people about BBQ. It is a passion that many people share. Lots of folks come to the window and talk about the great backyard cook they had last weekend or want tips to overcome BBQ challenges. I can talk BBQ all day!
Q: What was the most unexpected aspect of your new busi- ness?
Dan: Cooking great BBQ is only 10% of the challenge. I did my homework before opening but I was still astounded by all of the other work that goes into running a successful BBQ business. Per- mits, licenses, fees, marketing, bookkeeping... it goes on and on and on and on!
Q: Has this become a family business?
Dan: Yup, both of my teenagers work on the truck and my wife (who runs her own business) jumps in on the really busy events when she can. It’s fun working with the family!
Q: Where can we usually find you - selling BBQ that is?
Dan: We primarily operate in southern NH at events, catering en- gagements, and roadside vending. Visit UPINYOURGRILL.COM for our schedule posted weekly.
Q: Closing thoughts?
Dan: To compete you must love cooking BBQ and have a competi- tive spirit. To open a BBQ business, you have to have a competitive spirit and be either a desperate fool or an idiot. Maybe both. Long hours and hard-earned profit. As I said before I had a steady 9-5 with good pay so I wasn’t the desperate fool. I maybe an idiot, but I love BBQ. And I love serving it up!
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