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Kevin’s BBQ
Host: Kevin Kelly
 Ben Arnot
BBQ Podcast Guru
  One of the pioneers of the ‘livestreamed in- terview’, Kevin’s BBQ Joints is a show that has amassed a large backlog of big name in- terviews in a comparatively short time. Kicking off in January 2017, Kevin has cre- ated a show that is both a podcast, and a vodcast (video podcast), catering to two dif- ferent styles of audience. His professional- ism and ease of access has made his show popular with many of the big names in the industry. In fact, Kevin’s personal favorite episode was one he recorded with Erin Feges Smith of Feges BBQ in Houston.
Kevin’s friendly interview style translates
well in his interviews, quickly establishing
rapport with both his guest and the listener.
The episodes begin by exploring the guests’ background and ex- perience along with challenges that they’ve faced along the way. Then, the interviews progress into where the guests are and what they’re up to at the time of recording, bringing the audience with them as they progress through the guest’s stories and timelines. Inevitably, various sidetracks are explored along the way, and Kevin isn’t afraid to see where they lead, knowing as all good in- terviewers do, that that is where the real gold is. By the end of each episode, Kevin brings it all back on track and ensures that advice, tips and tricks are interspersed throughout. More impor- tantly though, Kevin ensures that his guests are given ample op- portunity to show their true personalities and passions. As a result, Kevin often brings out stories that people haven’t heard before, making each episode fresh and engaging.
Kevin’s show has offered him some incredi- ble experiences and taken him to many in- teresting places. As a result of his work with many BBQ joint owners, Kevin has often found himself with unique ‘backstage’ ac- cess to these restaurants, gaining an insight into the industry that isn’t afforded to many others. This in turn influences his future in- terviews in a constant cycle of improvement and refinement. So far, his show has taken him to Texas, Southern California, North Carolina and parts of the Pacific Northwest. He’s looking forward to life returning to normal when he plans to introduce a travel calendar, hitting the road for half the year, chasing down the best BBQ the US has to offer. He even has his eyes on coming down
under to see all the incredible things we have going on down here too.
If you’re looking for a multi-format show that highlights every as- pect of the BBQ world and shares the stories of the industry lead- ers, all the while entertaining, educating and motivating the audience, you need to check out Kevin’s BBQ Joints. Episodes are between thirty minutes and an hour in length and are published twice a week. The video format is available on the ‘Kevin’s BBQ Joints’ channel on YouTube and the audio format is available everywhere you listen to podcasts.
Do yourself a favor and join Kevin as he explores the world of ‘Kevin’s BBQ Joints’.
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