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Building The Sport Of Steak Cookoffs!
 Wait Until the Last Minute
We’ve all done it with a multitude of activities, waiting until the last minute. I’m guilty for having a dinner reservation at a certain time but think I have time to get one more task complete before I leave, at the very last minute and in some cases, making me late. An appointment to the doctor, we wait until the last minute to
By: SC Angus
leave. Getting ready to head to work, we wait until the last minute to get in the car. Waiting until the last minute seems to be what we are in the habit of doing. This has even carried over into our registering for a SCA Event.
Last year an event was planned but was struggling for registrants. Even one of the promoters, who was going to cook the event, waited until the last minute to register and he knew he was cooking it. But why do we do this? Well, there are a number of rea- sons: plans are uncertain, we don’t want to commit until we are 100%, want to make sure we have the money (although you don’t have to pay until the day of the event), just putting it off, and a plethora of other reasons. Bottom line is, we all do it and perhaps don’t realize what a pro- moter goes through for an event. So here are a few things a promoter deals with to make sure we have great events.
One of the great attributes of a SCA event is you can just about have a contest anywhere there is space. But it still requires a place to hold the event. One way you can help the pro- moter is to sign up early. This will en- sure he/she has the space to comfortably accommodate all who want to attend. As we’ve seen with events lately, space can be limited, requiring a cut off in registering. Get in early and get your space.
Enough Judges
Many cooks are also certified judges, but rarely do we judge cause we’re all in search of our Golden Ticket. How- ever, judges are an essential compo- - 18

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